Glass Block Recipe

Glass Block Recipe

Category Unlocker
Type Recipe
Item ID
Unlock a random Glass Block recipe you don't already have unlocked
— Item Tooltip

Glass Block Recipes are a type of unlocker that can be crafted at the Runecrafting Bench, uncommonly obtained in Miner's Troves, or very rarely obtained in unique ores. When used, they unlock a random transparent block recipe the player doesn't already know that can be crafted at the Cube Converter. If all recipes are known, they will be unable to be used but can be deconstructed into Blank Scrolls.


Crafting Station
Runecrafting Bench small Runecrafting Bench
Ingredient(s) Amount
Blank Scroll small

Blank Scroll 1
Crystallized Cloud small

Crystallized Cloud 10
Radiant Shard small

Radiant Shard 50
Glass Block Recipe small Glass Block Recipe 1


Like most recipes, Glass Block Recipes will unlock a block recipe that the player has not already unlocked of its respective type. There are a total of 36 Glass Block Recipes.

Glass Blocks
Brown Glass small

Brown Glass

Transparent Brown small

Transparent Brown

Also Transparent Brown small

Also Transparent Brown

Frosted Leather small

Frosted Leather

Purple Glass small

Purple Glass

Cool Magenta Glass small

Cool Magenta Glass

Glassy Grape small

Glassy Grape

Light Purple Glass small

Light Purple Glass

Transparent Purple small

Transparent Purple

Yellow Glass small

Yellow Glass

Light Yellow Glass small

Light Yellow Glass

Vibrant Yellow Glass small

Vibrant Yellow Glass

Orange Glass small

Orange Glass

Pumpkin Glass small

Pumpkin Glass

Peachy Glaze small

Peachy Glaze

Blue Glass small

Blue Glass

Skylight Blue small

Skylight Blue

Moon Roof Blue small

Moon Roof Blue

Dark Blue Glass small

Dark Blue Glass

Green Glass small

Green Glass

See-Through Green small

See-Through Green

Grass Glass small

Grass Glass

Sea Foam small

Sea Foam

Lime Glass small

Lime Glass

Icy Green small

Icy Green

Red Glass small

Red Glass

Revealing Red small

Revealing Red

Red Sunglasses small

Red Sunglasses

Pink Glass small

Pink Glass

Plexiglass Pink small

Plexiglass Pink

Bubblegum Glass small

Bubblegum Glass

Turquoise Glass small

Turquoise Glass

Transparent Turquoise small

Transparent Turquoise

White Glass small

White Glass

Grey Glass small

Grey Glass


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