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Golden Chaos Chest

Golden Chaos Chest

Category Lootbox
Tradeable NoTradeType emote
Golden Key NoGoldenKey emote
Item ID

Open for a guaranteed rare item from the normal chaos chest.
— Item Tooltip

Golden Chaos Chests are a version of Chaos Chests that Rare or Very Rare rarity items. This item acts like a Golden Key on a Chaos Chest, but without the Key required to obtain a rare drop. They have a 1% chance to drop instead of a regular Chaos Chest every time they drop in the world, or they can be purchased alongside other items in a pack using Credits (110 Chaos Chests, Raving Revenant Pack, Collector's Pack and the Chaos Weekly Deal), obtained when reaching top 1,000 on Mastery Rank Leaderboards, and/or Loot Collected from Princess Prancy Prance and/or Princey Mcevilface. Players will also earn three of these chests as a reward for reaching Mastery Rank 260.

You will not be able to buy Golden Chaos Chests in a PTS, seeing as this is a form of cheating and could be used to find out the current week's loot.


The following are various contents of Golden Chaos Chests throughout the time it was released (some items can be rotated):


Depth Charge
April 18, 2017 - April 24, 2017

Rolling Salvo Dance Pad
Rolling Salvo Dance Pad
Golden Chaos Chest small Golden Chaos Chest
Item Amount Rarity
Chaos Chest small Chaos Chest 50 Rare
Fae Boughskimmer small Fae Boughskimmer 1
Chaos Hound small Chaos Hound 1
Runemaster's Record small Runemaster's Record 1
Cygnus-01 Speedcycle small Cygnus-01 Speedcycle 1
Bonecutter X-2 small Bonecutter X-2 1
Tundra Thunderer small Tundra Thunderer 1
Torched Taurus small Torched Taurus 1
Squeakers small Squeakers 1
Shadowy Sarcophagus small Shadowy Sarcophagus 1
Kami of Forlorn Forests small Kami of Forlorn Forests 1
Neon Swathcutter small Neon Swathcutter 1
Shadow Crawler small Shadow Crawler 1
Sir Ocesomesaucealot small Sir Ocesomesaucealot 1
Trevor the Tiger small Trevor the Tiger 1
Ol' Chomper small Ol' Chomper 1
Saltwater Taffy Ray small Saltwater Taffy Ray 1
Dragon Tiger small Dragon Tiger 1
Polar Dragon Tiger small Polar Dragon Tiger 1
Blacklight Neon Cycle small Blacklight Neon Cycle 1
Elder Boot small Elder Boot 1
Magic Carpetapillar small Magic Carpetapillar 1
Cinnamel small Cinnamel 1
Bounding Golden Beetle small Bounding Golden Beetle 1
Springy Dark Sporeling small Springy Dark Sporeling 1
Carom Cupcake small Carom Cupcake 1
Crazy Busy Caterpillar small Crazy Busy Caterpillar 1
Slightly Singed Skitterer small Slightly Singed Skitterer 1
Accursed Arachnid small Accursed Arachnid 1
Neverending Necrowmancer small Neverending Necrowmancer 1
Benevolent Bovine small Benevolent Bovine 1
Echo Wave Cycle small Echo Wave Cycle 1
Silver Tabby Meownt small Silver Tabby Meownt 1
BL-0550-M Off-Road Custom small BL-0550-M Off-Road Custom 1
Toasty Coaster small Toasty Coaster 1
Brownie Boosters small Brownie Boosters 1
Cyclone Skimmer small Cyclone Skimmer 1
Verses of Violence small Verses of Violence 1
Whacky Waffle small Whacky Waffle 1
Proto Platypus small Proto Platypus 1
Batty Batoid small Batty Batoid 1
Siramis, Spring's Renewal small Siramis, Spring's Renewal 1
Cinnabar Squad Quad small Cinnabar Squad Quad 1
Rocket Ship small Rocket Ship 1
Rolling Salvo small Rolling Salvo 1
Chaotic Clipper small Chaotic Clipper 1
Chaotic Cruiser small Chaotic Cruiser 1
Cobalt Carp small Cobalt Carp 1
Infini Frigate small Infini Frigate 1
Shock small Shock 1
Breeze-Borne Blossom Wings small Breeze-Borne Blossom Wings 1
Leafy Levitators small Leafy Levitators 1
Digital Dragonfly Wings small Digital Dragonfly Wings 1
Hydrojet Streamers small Hydrojet Streamers 1
Dance Pad small Dance Pad 1
Shadow Pinata item small Shadow Pinata 8 Very Rare
Whispers of Chaos small Whispers of Chaos 1
Contorting Contemplator small Contorting Contemplator 1
Koroki, the Sower of Chaos small Koroki, the Sower of Chaos 1
Skeye Stalkers small Skeye Stalkers 1
Chaos Coin Non-tradable Chaos Coin small Chaos Coin
Both versions are not tradeable.

Adventure Boxes GoldenKey emote
Cookiephant Adventurer's Chest small Cookiephant Adventurer's Chest | Eggster Adventurer's Chest small Eggster Adventurer's Chest
Phoenix Adventurer's Chest small Phoenix Adventurer's Chest | Budgie Buddy Adventurer's Chest small Budgie Buddy Adventurer's Chest
Adventurer's Bento Box small Adventurer's Bento Box | Adventurer's Neon Dragon Kami Box small Adventurer's Neon Dragon Kami Box
Earthly Dragon Adventurer's Chest small Earthly Dragon Adventurer's Chest | Panda Adventurer's Chest small Panda Adventurer's Chest
Manta Ray Adventurer's Chest small Manta Ray Adventurer's Chest | Running Reptile Adventurer's Chest small Running Reptile Adventurer's Chest
Many-Legged Adventure Box small Many-Legged Adventure Box
Shadow's Eve Adventurer Chest small Shadow's Eve Adventurer Chest | Giant's Winter Chest small Giant's Winter Chest NoGoldenKey emote
Skittering Heart Box small Skittering Heart Box
Mystery Boxes GoldenKey emote
Nightmare Mystery Box small Nightmare Mystery Box | Spookytime Mystery Box small Spookytime Mystery Box
Turkey Stuffin' Box small Turkeytopia Mystery Box | Snowfest Mystery Box small Snowfest Mystery Box
Soultraps GoldenKey emote
Qubesly Soultrap small Qubesly Soultrap | Cat Soultrap small Cat Soultrap | Buddy Bot Soultrap small Buddy Bot Soultrap
Raptor Soultrap small Raptor Soultrap | Butterfly Soultrap small Butterfly Soultrap
Realm Caches NoGoldenKey emote
Radiant Cache small Radiant Cache | Shadow Cache small Shadow Cache
Dragon Caches NoGoldenKey emote
Azulian Dragon Cache small Azulian Dragon Cache | Neon Dragon Cache small Neon Dragon Cache | Ancient Dragon Cache small Ancient Dragon Cache
Moonwing Dragon Cache small Moonwing Dragon Cache | Bone Dragon Cache small Bone Dragon Cache | Winter Dragon Cache small Winter Dragon Cache
Starlight Dragon Cache small Starlight Dragon Cache | Lesser Dragon Cache small Lesser Dragon Cache | Greater Dragon Cache small Greater Dragon Cache
Treasure Troves NoGoldenKey emote
Wooden Treasure Trove small Wooden Treasure Trove | Bronze Treasure Trove small Bronze Treasure Trove | Trove of Wonders small Trove of Wonders
Gem Boxes NoGoldenKey emote
Gem Box small Gem Box | Water Gem Box small Water Gem Box | Air Gem Box small Air Gem Box
Fire Gem Box small Fire Gem Box | Empowered Gem Box small Empowered Gem Box | Stellar Empowered Gem Box small Stellar Empowered Gem Box
Gem Booster Box small Gem Booster Box | Water Gem Dust Box small Water Gem Dust Box | Air Gem Dust Box small Air Gem Dust Box
Fire Gem Dust Box small Fire Gem Dust Box
Chaos Chests NoGoldenKey emote
Chaos Chest small Chaos Chest | Golden Chaos Chest small Golden Chaos Chest
Light Chaos Vault small Light Chaos Vault | Dark Chaos Vault small Dark Chaos Vault
Other Chests NoGoldenKey emote
Classic Battle Box small Classic Battle Box | Daily Loot Chest small Daily Loot Chest
Shadow's Eve Daily Loot Chest small Shadow's Eve Daily Loot Chest

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