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Golden Key

Golden Key

Category Key
Type Mystery Box
Store Price Credits 2 2,000
Item ID

Use to get the rarest rewards from a mystery box.
— Item Tooltip

Golden Keys, previously known as Golden Holiday Keys, are an item available for purchase in the store menu. They cost 2,000 Credits, and can be used to open Mystery Boxes to obtain only the rarest items from inside.


Golden Keys only can be used on specific loot box, and there are a few rare loots.

Golden Key small Golden Key
Usable Non-Usable
Qubesly Soultrap small Ally Soultraps Shadow Cache small Shadow Cache
Turkey Stuffin' Box small Turkeytopia Mystery Box Shaper's Dream small Shaper's Dream
Nightmare Mystery Box small Nightmare Mystery Box Titan's Treasure small Shaper's Vision
Cookiephant Adventurer's Chest small Adventure Boxes Ancient Dragon Cache small Dragon Caches
Snowfest Mystery Box small Snowfest Mystery Box Trove of Wonders small Treasure Trove Boxes
The Orange Block small The Orange Block Golden Chaos Chest small Golden Chaos Chest
Miner's Trove small Miner's Trove Costume Mystery Box small Costume Mystery Box
Radiant Cache small Radiant Cache Chaos Chest small Chaos Chest
Classic Battle Box small Classic Battle Box

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