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Golden Thread effect

The effect when a golden thread is done.

Golden Thread

Example of a golden thread quest.

The Golden Thread is a list of achievements that newcomers can complete when reaching certain milestones. These achievements reward the player with small amounts of Flux.

There are also special questlines for seasonal events like Shadow's Eve, Turkeytopia, Snowfest, Join the Party, Hellbugs in Love, and St. Qubeslick's Day, which can be completed by any player who has already completed the newcomer quests. These grant various Resources, Lootboxes, and a unique unlockable item and Diamond Dragonite on the last two quests.

List of Achievements

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New Player Quests
Name Description How to get Reward
First Steps  Press [W], [S], [A], or [D] to move and use the mouse to look around.  Walk 30 steps. Flux small Flux x5
Your First Fight  Follow the path to the cave and use [M1] to attack your foe.  Defeat an enemy. Flux small Flux x5
Loot Equipment Smash open the chest then press and hold [E] to loot all nearby equipment. Flux small Flux x5
Equip Your Loot Open your inventory by pressing [B] then [M2] to equip. Flux small Flux x5
Travel to the Hub World Press and hold [H] for several seconds to travel to the Hub World.  Travel to the Hub World. Flux small Flux x5
Enter Novice World In the Hub World find and use the green Novice adventure portal by pressing [E].  Use a Novice Adventure Portal. Flux small Flux x5
Claim a Cornerstone Find an empty plot and claim a cornerstone by pressing [E] while looking at the sign. Claim a Cornerstone. Flux small Flux x5
Use Elysian Flask Press [Q] to use your Elysian Flask to regain health. Drink an Elysian Flask. Flux small Flux x5
Refill Elysian Flask Press [E] while looking at the Rejuvenation Station in your cornerstone to refill your Elysian Flask. Use a Rejuvenation Station. Flux small Flux x5
Loot Some Blocks Press [TAB] to change between Adventure Mode and Build Mode. Use [M2] in Build Mode to destroy blocks. Destroy 3 Blocks. Flux small Flux x5
Place Blocks Place blocks in Build Mode by pressing [M1]. Place 3 Blocks. Flux small Flux x5
Move Your Cornerstone Switch back to Adventure Mode by pressing [TAB]. Your Cornerstone can be moved. Find another empty plot and press [E] while looking at the sign. Place your cornerstone. Flux small Flux x5
Mount Up Use [Z] to mount. You'll move faster this way but you can't fight. Ride a Mount. Flux small Flux x5
Complete a Dungeon Press [M] to use your Map to find and complete a Dungeon. Red X's mean it has already been completed. Complete a Lair/Dungeon. (one star or three starred) Flux small Flux x25
Harvest Ore Look for nodes of purple Shapestone ore while exploring. Press [TAB] to enter Build Mode then hold [M2] to mine blocks. Harvest 20 Ore. Flux small Flux x5
Pick a Weapon Style Press [C], then press [M1] on the weapon slot icon and select a new look from your Collections. Change any style. Flux small Flux x5
Complete 2nd Dungeon Press [M] to use your Map to find and complete another Dungeon and gain treasure! Complete a Lair/Dungeon. (one star or three starred) Flux small Flux x10
Enter Adept World Return to the Hub World by holding [H] then find and use the blue Adept adventure portal in the tower. Use an Adept Adventure Portal. Flux small Flux x5
Advanced Combat 1 Press [M2] to use your Primary Power. Flux small Flux x5
Advanced Combat 2 Press [1] to use your Secondary Power. Flux small Flux x5
More Dungeons, More Loot Use your map with [M] to find more Dungeons and defeat the enemies within! Complete 3 Lairs/Dungeons. Flux small Flux x25
Enter Elite World Gain enough Power Rank to be able to access an Elite World. You can find the purple portal in the Hub World. Use a Elite Adventure Portal. Flux small Flux x5
Ultimate Power Press [2] to use your Ultimate Power. Use it wisely, you'll have to wait a bit before you can use it again. Flux small Flux x5
Craft a Loot Collector The Loot Collector can be crafted at the Crafting Bench found in your Cornerstone. Craft a Loot Collector. Flux small Flux x5
Place Loot Collector Change modes by pressing [TAB]. Select the Loot Collector on your hotbar then [M1] to place. Place a Loot Collector. Flux small Flux x5
Use Loot Collector Put a piece of equipment in the Loot Collector in order to turn it in to resources and to unlock its look. Loot Collect an item. Flux small Flux x5
Forge Equipment Craft and use a forge to upgrade your equipment. This is how to get the best possible equipment. Forge an equipment in the Forge. Flux small Flux x10
Go Shopping Open the store by pressing [N] and buy something. You can get the free resource box under the Packs tab. Buy something from the store. Flux small Flux x25
Enter Master World Gain enough Power Rank to be able to access a Master world via the orange portal in the tower in the Hub World. Use a Master Adventure Portal. Flux small Flux x25
Craft a Ring You can craft a Ringcrafting Bench at the Crafting Bench in your Cornerstone. Rings can be equipped for extra stats. Craft a Ring. Flux small Flux x50
Enter Uber-1 World Gain enough Power Rank to be able to access a Uber-1 world. You can find the portal in the Hub World. Use a Master Adventure Portal. Flux small Flux x50
Complete A Challenge Challenges happen for the first 20 minutes of every hour, complete them for dragon coins. Use these at the dragon shrine in the hub to craft dragons and power up. Bugged Flux small Flux x250
Retired Quests
Name Description How to get Reward
Join a Club Ask around and join someone's club! Or craft one at the Builder's Crafting Bench. Clubs have their own worlds and chat. Create a club world or accept an invite to a club. Flux small Flux x200
Enter the Shadow Tower At the Adventurer's Crafting Bench craft a Shadow Tower Portal and a Shadow Key, then use the portal to fight your way to a Tower Vault. Enter any floor of a Shadow Tower. Flux small Flux x50
Diamond Dragonite Launch
Name Description How to get Reward
Dragon Event  Complete challenges to earn the respect of the dragons and your reward. Available for a limited time  Complete 25 Challenges Diamond Dragonite small Diamond Dragonite x 50
Shadow's Eve
Name Description How to get Reward
Shadow's Eve Event  Defeat enemies and earn prizes! Available for a limited time.  Defeat Enemies Lapis Luckbug small Lapis Luckbug x 10
Shadow's Eve Event  Upgrade gems and earn prizes! Available for a limited time.  Upgrade Gems Empowered Gem Box small Empowered Gem Box x 3
Shadow's Eve Event  Cats love boxes. Open some to unlock this event mount! Available for a limited time.  Open 100 Lootboxes Bitten Kitten small Bitten Kitten
Join the Party!
Name Description How to get Reward
Party Event! Smash pinatas and earn prizes! Available for a limited time.  Kill 100 Pinatas  ??
Party Event!  Throw some pinatas and earn a prize! Available for a limited time  Throw 100 Pinatas  ??
The Extra Special Party Event!  You wanted it, you got it! Smash pinatas and earn prizes! Available for a limited time.  Kill 500 Pinatas Ninth Life small Ninth Life
Name Description How to get Reward
Mine Infinium  Turkeytopia 1/6: We're going to make a great meal. Start with the tubers!  ?? Gem Booster Box small Gem Booster Box x 5
Defeat Enemies  Turkeytopia 2/6: Let's get the meat. Defeat enemies and take their choice bits. Your guests won't notice what kind of meat it is.  ?? Empowered Gem Box small Empowered Gem Box
Forge Items  Turkeytopia 3/6: Let's get the forge warm and start cooking on it.  ?? Classic Battle Box small Classic Battle Box x 2
Defeat Enemies  Turkeytopia 4/6: Oh no - most of the meat burned! Go get more! Defeat more enemies. We'll set a timer this time.  ?? Re-Gemerator small Re-Gemerator x 5
Complete PVP Matches  Turkeytopia 5/6: Now we sit down with our loved ones and brawl it out  ?? Ninth Life small Ninth Life
Complete Dungeons  Turkeytopia 6/6: Now we're stuffed with a great meal. Time to work it off with 3-Star Dungeons. Good job!  ?? Diamond Dragonite small Diamond Dragonite x 25
Snowfest Part 1: Snowfestivus
Name Description How to get Reward
Kill Enemies in PVP  Snowfestivus 1/10. It's time to celebrate Snowfestivus! Do it right, and I'll help you make a Snowfestivus Log! We start with the Airing of Grievances. Those people upset me greatly. Give them a piece of my mind.  Kill 3 other players in the Battle Arena (PvP).  ??
Upgrade Gems  Snowfestivus 2/10. Acceptable. Now it's time for Dinner. Upgrading Gems gives off a great scent, which I use it for my cooking. Spice it up for me.  Upgrade Gems 20 times.  ??
Kill Enemies  Snowfestivus 3/10. A fine job. Now, go forth and kill enemies and gather their blockiest bits for the entrail entrée.  Kill 500 enemies.  ??
Forge Items  Snowfestivus 4/10. Dinner is served! While we eat, its time for the Feats of Strength! Prove you have the muscle to work the Forge!  Forge 20 items.  ??
Complete Quests in Dungeons  Snowfestivus 5/10. That was easy. There are giant festive trees suddenly everywhere for some reason. Go show me you can take down the snowsquatches there. Meh, actually any dungeon will do.  Finish 20 dungeon quests.  ??
Destroy Blocks  Snowfestivus 6/10. Not bad! Snowflakes huh? Bet they'd come in handy to destroy an evil robot's fire shield someday. Nah, that's crazy talk. Now, do you have the strength to… destroy blocks!?! I doubt it!  Destroy 100 blocks.  ??
Get Glim  Snowfestivus 7/10. You wonder why you're doing this? Keep wondering! I need glim, lots of fresh glim!  Obtain 1000 Glim, either by fishing or running over grass.  ??
Complete 3-Star Dungeons  Snowfestivus 8/10. Now we take some wood, those blocks, the glim, and make your very own Snowfestivus Log! You're welcome. Go run dungeons while I make it for you.  Finish 20 3-Star Dungeons (Shadow Tower is recommended, as each stage is 3-Starred).  ??
Die  Snowfestivus 9/10. Little problem. It a fine log, but no power. It needs a spark. This will be awkward, but you have to, well, die, to light it.  Get yourself killed either by Lava or another enemy; Respawn command does not count. Snowfest Log small Snowfest Log
Complete Challenges  Snowfestivus 10/10. Nice pole. Er, log. Ride it in good health! Now complete Challenges and I will see you next Snowfestivus. Don't disappoint me!  Complete 10 Challenges. Diamond Dragonite small Diamond Dragonite x25
Snowfest Part 2: Save the Season!
Name Description How to get Reward
Complete Quests  Save the Season 1/7 : Present Lairs are everywhere! It's never too late. We need to get a present!  ??  ??
Make a Marketplace Purchase  Save the Season 2/7 : Snowflakes are dropping from snowsquatches in those Present Lairs? Weird. You can craft your own Enchanted Snowballs at the Snowfest Table, but I'll give you a few if you get me a present. Get anything from the marketplace; there's always good stuff there.  ??  ??
Forge Items  Save the Season 3/7 : Good choice, but a bit...unfinished. I can whip this into a nice present if you heat up the forge for me.  ??  ??
Mine Infinium  Save the Season 4/7 : What happened? This is a terrible present! The Spirit of the Season is somehow missing! I can perform a ritual to understand what has happened, but I need some Inifnium.  ??  ??
Kill Flamotron Mk II  Save the Season 5/7 : With this ritual I see... Oh no! Dr. Darknik has sent a giant robot, the Flamotron Mk.II, to steal the Spirit of the Season! He's usually holed up in a spaceship in the Permafrost. Use Enchanted Snowballs to take down his shield. Take him out big time! Actually, just whale on anyone you see.  ??  ??
Make a G.R.Y.P.H 3000  Save the Season 6/7 : Flamotron Mk. II is using the Spirit of the Season as fuel to forge Darknik gears eh? If you get enough, I bet you could craft your own G.R.Y.P.H. 3000. What are you waiting for? Save the Season!  ??  ??
Go Fish  Save the Season 7/7 : You did it! You beat back Dr. Darknik's invasion and saved the season! Now everything is great again. My present is incredible. Nothing left to do but fish.  ??  ??
Valentines Day: Hellbugs in Love
Name Description How to get Reward
Defeat Enemies  Hellbugs in Love 1/9: We're under assault! Kill some invaders. Any monster will do actually. We'll talk more soon.  Kill 500 Enemies. Skittering Heart Box small Skittering Heart Box x10
Place Blocks  Hellbugs in Love 2/9: Did you actually kill invaders? I'm blinded by love, you know. You can get a nice Bashful Lovebug mount if you keep it up. I'm Cubepid, by the way, patron of blocky love. Build me a small yet tasteful monument to prove your true feelings.  Place 30 Blocks. Heart-a-Phone small Heart-a-Phone
Use Heart-a-Phones  Hellbugs in Love 3/9: Heart-a-phones are great to share some love. Use the one I gave you on someone. It feels good to share the love, doesn't it?  Use a Heart-a-Phone on another player. Lapis Luckbug small Lapis Luckbug
Complete Challenges  Hellbugs in Love 4/9: Love is full of challenges. Overcoming challenge makes the heart stronger! So start overcoming already!  Complete 10 Challenge Objectives. Dragon Coin small Dragon Coin x5
Upgrade Gems  Hellbugs in Love 5/9: Lets make a really nice gift for that special someone. Encrusting something with gems is always a good start.  Do 10 attempts on upgrading your gems. Empowered Gem Box small Empowered Gem Box
Mine Formicite  Hellbugs in Love 6/9: Beautiful! Now we're going to embed this gem stuff into a stylish statuette. Mine some blue ore… Formacite will do. Anyone's cornerstone would look better with more sparkly blue things.  Collect 200 Formicite Ore. Chaos Chest small Chaos Chest x10
Purchase on the Marketplace  Hellbugs in Love 7/9: Well mined, you romantic block you! Now go shopping for something small but special to add in to our gift.  Purchase any item in the Player Marketplace. Glittering Horseshoe small Glittering Horseshoe x5
Get Heart-a-Phone'd  Hellbugs in Love 8/9: This is a wonderful present- how unique it is! But I was just testing you; love's actually not about the gifts. Open your blocky little heart to the world. Meet someone nice and get some lovin' off them.  Have another player use a Heart-A-Phone on you. Amorous Archer small Amorous Archer
Collect Glim  Hellbugs in Love 9/9: Well done! Opening yourself up to others is the secret to happiness. Hey what's that glimmering in the grass over there? (you turn to look) Cubepid out!  Collect 1 Glim. Diamond Dragonite small Diamond Dragonite x25
St. Qubeslick's Day
Name Description How to get Reward
Run 1-Star Dungeons  Ho me blockie! I am St. Qubeslick, noble knight of the Sky Realm! And who might you be? Fancy that ye be strong enough for a quest?  Complete 20 Lairs. Chaos Chest small Chaos Chest x10
Defeat Enemies (Especially Tentacles!)  Aye, y'er a brave one, no doubt! We have a problem. Shadowy Lairs an' foul tentacles are spreading across me beautiful Medieval Highlands! Why don't you put the heart crossways in them?  Defeat 300 enemies. Lapis Luckbug small Lapis Luckbug
Mine Shapestone  Those nasties drop Q'bthulhu slices? An' there be graspy shadow hand lairs in me beloved Medieval Highlands? 'Tis a noble quest! We shall valiantly drive all these tentacles from the land. An' I will lend ye my sword to the cause! Bring me to yer realm to help. Start by gathering ore. Don't ask why, we must hurry!  Mine 200 Shapestone Ore Empowered Gem Box small Empowered Gem Box
Complete Quests  Aw, sure look it. We need the essence of nobility to infuse the ore. You're quite valiant; this one should be easy.  Complete 50 Lairs/Dungeons. Ninth Life small Ninth Life
Forge An Item  Now, just bang that forge good and hard once to create a tear in reality, and it'll summon me to you. We'll have a whale of a time together!  Forge 5 items. St. Qubeslick small St. Qubeslick
Die  You did it! And look, I brought a gift... now where did it go? Aw, it be acting the maggot and got stuck between realms! Well, it's not like you've never died for a noble cause, right?  Get yourself killed either by Lava or another enemy; Respawn command does not count. Chaos Chest small Chaos Chest x10
Defeat Enemies (Especially Tentacles!)  A bit awkward, that last part. Well, now that we're together, let's slay anything, forever! This is going to be great! May the road rise up to meet us!  Defeat 500 enemies. Diamond Dragonite small Diamond Dragonite x25
Depth Charge
Name Description How to get Reward
Acquire Shapestone  You were minding your business one day, just mining Shapestone.  Mine 300 Shapestone Ore. Miner's Trove small Miner's Trove x10
Defeat Steambot Drones in Cursed Vale Caves  ...when a radio-like sound came out of nowhere: 'Help! Er, you can help, right? I'm stuck inside some sort of mining bot. This is my most desperate hour. Help me Trovian. You're my only hope. Smash some Steambot Drones to free me! We're stuck in a cave, building character through delayed grottofication. Get it? Ha!  Kill 50 Steambot Drones in the Underground Cursed Vale (Other locations such as Underground Haunted Isles and Dragonfire Peaks still counts towards this objective) Lesser Dragon Cache small Lesser Dragon Cache x10
Acquire Formicite  The plucky voice comes through the radio static. 'I guess I'm inside some other mining bot. It's really hard to tell which one from the inside! If you mine some formacite, I might be able to form a sight of where I am! Get it? Did you see what I did there? Say, I like you.'  Mine 100 Formicite Ore. Double Experience Potion small Double Experience Potion
Defeat Miners in Haunted Isles Caves  The voice continues, happily oblivious to your needs, 'Oh! I hear spooky noises. And the lapping waves of the Drowned Worlds. And the echo of caves. Smash some Steambots here and soon I'll be free! And punch their miner buddies for me, would ya? Quick! Let’s be pun-ctual about it! They're looking for something!'  Kill 50 Steambot Drones in the Underground Haunted Isles in the Drowned World Adventure Portals (Other locations such as Underground Cursed Vale and Dragonfire Peaks still counts towards this objective) Dragon Coin small Dragon Coin x10
Acquire Crystallized Clouds  'It sure is hot and cramped in here. I'm sure I will survive, but a few ground Crystallized Clouds sure would let me live a bit longer, if I'm lucky enough to be found by you. Seriously, I've got no children either, and how am I supposed to breathe with no heir?  Mine 100 Crystallized Cloud. Empowered Gem Box small Empowered Gem Box x3
Defeat Steambot Overseers in the High Lands  'I'm in a Steambot Overseer! Right below the brain-bucket. I'm sure of it! You're in the Cursed Skylands anyways, right? Defeat some by chopping them off at the ankles! Haha! No seriously, I'll crawl out the leg-hole and tell you about their plot to find sun shards and enslave the universe.'  Kill 100 Steambot Overseers in the High Lands biome in the Cursed SkyLands(Underground Fae Wilds still counts towards this objective) Chaos Chest small Chaos Chest x5
Defeat Steambot Overseers in Fae Forest Caves  'These guys are really on the move. We're in the forest now. Hurry! Smash more Steambot Overseers and I'll be free. I read the manual for how to build these things once. It was riveting! But really, these robots are digging up everything looking for some kind of sun shard. I don’t think they'll find it though, because they are pretty shady.  Kill 25 Steambot Overseers in the Underground Fae Wilds (High Lands biome in the Cursed SkyLands still counts towards this objective) Chaos Chest small Chaos Chest x5
Gigas Minerbots in Dragonfire Peaks Caves  'Now I remember, I'm in a Gigas Minerbot! They drilled that into me actually, but I found it boring. Sorry, could've saved you some time. Time waits for no man, but I'm a little robot, and I don't want to rust in peace, so maybe we could hang out together after this?  Kill 25 Gigas Minerbots in the Underground Dragonfire Peaks Minerbot Qubesly small Minerbot Qubesly
Acquire Infiniumm  'Those miners were up all night looking for some kind of sun shard. It never dawned on them where to find them though. We'll find out what they were up to in no time. But I always say that time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana. Anyways, let's mine our own business for a while'  Mine 100 Infinium Ore. Diamond Dragonite small Diamond Dragonite x25
The Gathering Light (Unreleased)
Name Description How to get Reward
Open Boxes  You heard rumors that strange artifacts were being found, though no one knows what they are or what they're for.  ?? 50px ?? x??
Acquire Golden Souls  You feel the vague urge to find Golden Souls. To what effect, you are not sure. What an odd sensation.  ?? 50px ?? x??
Open Chaos Chests  You have a strong sense of a paradox: that there is light... where there can be no light. You look inside one of the darkest things you can think of.  ?? 50px ?? x??
Complete 1-Star Dungeons  As soon as you have three of the Crystals, you recall a half-forgotten memory about a fourth. It's in a dungeon, but... which one? And how do you know this?  ?? 50px ?? x??
Defeat Shadows  You have a vivid image of shadowy creatures in the crisp white snow. They are searching for these Sun Sparks, and you know this should not be. You don't know why these thoughts are appearing in your head, but stopping the Shadows somewhere in the Permafrost is obviously your goal.  ?? 50px ?? x??
Defeat Armoured Shadows  You hear faint and fragmented whispers. Oddly, this feels soothing. You make out the following: 'Sun Sparks - are... me. ...Aspects ... I think - Remember more... Gather... Sun Sparks... Magical Atoll in...Drowned World - using armor - Should not - Be - Searching. Hurry...'  ?? 50px ?? x??
Release a Sun-Touched Shimmerwing  With ten Sun Sparks in hand, you hear a clear, radiant voice calmly speaking inside your head. "Thank you. I've... been sleeping, I think. I can barely remember. Seek out the Wheel of Seasons in a humble hut in the Hub. I saved some ancient memories there. Speaking the words you find there will combine these fragments of me into something greater. Perhaps then I shall recall more."  ?? 50px ?? x??
Defeat a Darknik Warbot  The radiant being beside you speaks with an otherworldly and pure voice, 'I remember! I… I used to live in the Radiant Realm. I was a part of something...greater. Long ago I fought against the onslaught of the Shadows. But at some point, I fell. The world was destroyed. Shadows now hunt for remnants of the light, but to what purpose I do not know. They have sent a great mechanical monstrosity to infiltrate Neon City. It may have information."  ?? 50px ?? x??
Consume a Double XP Potion  'I sensed its intent as you drew close to it. They are building something. Something big. Be prepared. Consume this when you are ready to make yourself stronger. A great threat is coming soon."  ?? 50px ?? x??
Portal to Darkness (Unreleased)
Name Description How to get Reward
Defeat Shadows in Treasure Isles  The Sun-Touched Shimmerwing, who has been silent for a long time, suddenly speaks, 'Shadows have been spotted underwater in the Treasure Isles! You must discover why.'  ?? 50px ?? x??
Collect Shadowy Schematics from Shadows  'They seem to have just been an advance guard. The main invasion force are in the Drowned Worlds, in the Haunted Isles. This recipe is just a fragment of some sort of teleportation portal. If we can get enough of them, we may be able to go to where the Shadows came from, and stop this invasion. Not every Shadow will be carrying them, but enough will.'  ?? 50px ?? x??
Craft a Portal  'These schematics describe how to build a portal to where these Shadows are coming from. Seek out the Wheel of Seasons in the Hub again, and craft the portal. Make one appropriate to your power.'  ?? 50px ?? x??
Defeat Nearby Enemies on the Other Side  'This portal roils with chaos, but it will take you to the source of the Shadows. Place it and go through. Clear a landing area for us.'  ?? 50px ?? x??
Defeat a Darknik Warbot  They must have a leader, possibly a Darknik Warbot. If you defeat it, it may possess information about their goals.  ?? 50px ?? x??
Defeat Distant Foes  There was no obvious information on that Darknik Warbot... but the Shadow Sight Helm it was carrying has some amazing properties! Looking through it, you can see something ominous in the distance. Something gigantic, labyrinthine, and terrifying. Great threat seems to emanate from it. 'That is where the great battle will take place,' the Sun-Touched Shimmerwing says, 'Clear a path to it. Destroy the defensive enemy clusters at the edge of the island'  ?? 50px ?? x??
Defeat Enemies in the Atoll of Madness  'The lava blocks our advance, but I have a battle plan. The Shadows use necrotic bridges that do not appear for you. Defeating the guardians at the edges of the Atoll of Madness wreathes you with a swirl of shadow stuff. If enough Trovians do this, you shall seem as they do, and the bridges will work for you. A pathway shall form across the fires, and we shall take the fight to them!  ?? 50px ?? x??
Defeat Enemies  The defensive enemies have some new weapons, if you desire to collect them. But you have done your part. If your peers persist, we shall find the path forward and take the battle to the Shadows' home. Rest for now, champion, but keep your edge. A reckoning will soon be due, by your hand.  ?? 50px ?? x??
Dino Attack! (Unreleased)
Name Description How to get Reward
Defeat Archaeoceratops in the Desert  Great stampin' horneytoads! I was minding my own beeswax, prospectin' a claim in the Desert Frontier, when a rootin' tootin' herd o' Archaeoceratops done stampeded my camp! You look mighty capable. How about lending a weathered old cube like me a hand?  ?? 50px ?? x??
Defeat Dinos in Caves in the Desert Frontier  Archaeoceratops used ta' stay home on their own range in the Saurian Swamp. If they were stuck in the desert, they'd like a cool shady place, like down in caves. Maybe if you clear some caves out o' critters, them dinos will leave us alone.  ?? 50px ?? x??
Acquire 100 Bleached Bones  Well ain't that just the dangest. Scissorhands you say? And cupcakes? This is stranger than a Pemblock in a sphere. We need to conduct us a ritual to find out what's going on. Start with bones. Lots of bones.  ?? 50px ?? x??
Juice Some Cacti  Good work. Now get cactus juice. Those ornery walking Cacti should spare some if you ask nicely. Or if you knock their prickly blocks off.  ?? 50px ?? x??
Consume a 1 Day Patron Pass  Now to start ye olde ritual, we need us a clear head. The kind that only comes from a newly minted Patron. That shiny 1 Day Patron Coin I jist gave ya? Just pop it and you'll have a vision of what's causin' this dino ruckus. Besides, it's good for what ails ya.  ?? 50px ?? x??
Defeat Dinosaurs in Candoria  Suddenly aware of so many new things, a ghostly vision appears. You see triceratops stomping on lollipops, and a huge toothy maw munching on gingerbread. This can only mean one thing: the dinosaurs have come for our baked confections! Candoria is under assault!  ?? 50px ?? x??
Complete 3-Star Dungeons  Tarnation, you showed them a thing or two. Now, I saw just as well as you did who is behind this whole mess. A great big T-rex. Or two. Or three. But you're gonna need to train off some of yer flab before yer gonna be ready fer that fight. Do some o those dungeons. The big ones.  ?? 50px ?? x??
Defeat 3 T-Rex in the Leafy Archipelago  Now there's a fine-looking chiseled block of a hero! Y'er ready for the fight o' yer life! They're in the Leafy Archipelago of the Drowned Worlds, or I don't know my biomes. Take the fight to him! Knock some sense into the big brutes an' put them dinos back in their place!  ?? 50px ?? x??
Place 1 Block  You did it! I'm rootin tootin happy about you saving my mining operation! Say, I'll share a bit of my stake if'n you'll just place a single commemorative block down right here for me to remember you by.  ?? 50px ?? x??
Sunfest (Unreleased)
Name Description How to get Reward
Defeat Shadow Pinata Invaders  Shadow Pinata Invaders are falling from the Sky! Many are milling about in any prime world. Smack their horse-headed darkness to smithereens for Celebratory Pinatas, Pinata Coins, and rare loot!  ?? 50px ?? x??
Smash Pinatas  Pinatas can be smashed, which gives you great loot, but anyone nearby gets something! Throw a Pinata party today!  ?? 50px ?? x??
Defeat Shadow Pinata Invaders  Beat the stuffing out of these invaders. And remember to redeem Pinata Coins with Pinates in the Hub for great prizes!  ?? 50px ?? x??

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