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Miraldis, the Primordial Preserver
Category Mount
Type Dragon
Group Legendary
Designer B_Y3LL0W
Movement Speed 90
Movement Speed 95
Glide 100
Item ID
Since the dawn of time Miraldis has kept creation in balance - observing, influencing, and occasionally taking decisive action.
— Item Description

Miraldis, the Primordial Preserver is a Legendary dragon Mount that is craftable at the Dragon Crucible using 5 Preserver Dragon Egg Fragments and several other resources. Alternatively, this dragon can be instantly unlocked using the Golden Preserver Dragon Egg which can be obtained as a rare drop from Greater Dragon Caches or as a distribution from the creator (limited to several eggs).

Miraldis serves as the only and final version of the Preserver Dragon line which also includes the Preserver Dragon Spirit Permanent stat boost which grants +1000 Max Health, +10% Max Health, +500 Physical Damage and +50 Magic Find.

Having this Dragon unlocked grants a permanent +1000 Max Health, +10% Max Health, +500 Physical Damage and +50 Magic Find.
— Item Description


Note: Values are unofficial and subject to change.

Crafting Station
Dragon Crucible small Dragon Crucible
Ingredient(s) Amount
Dragon Coin small

Dragon Coin 300
Flux small

Flux 25000
Meteorite Fragment small

Meteorite Fragment 120
Rich Fertilizer small

Rich Fertilizer 600
Preserver Dragon Egg Fragment small

Preserver Dragon Egg Fragment 5
Miraldis, the Primordial Preserver small Miraldis, the Primordial Preserver 1



  • This dragon was made by user B_Y3LL0W. The original mod can be found HERE.

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