Hellbug Invader
Hellbug Invader Ingame
Category Hellbug
Type Invader
Primary Biome Anywhere
AI Type Hellbug AI
Unique Item Drops
Item (Quantity) Rarity
Glim small Glim Common
Skittering Heart Box small Skittering Heart Box Common

Hellbug Invaders are melee invader enemies located in Dragonfire Peaks. They used to spawn like Shadow Giants, but do not anymore. They commonly drop Skittering Heart Boxes.

They can only spawn during the Hellbug Invasion event.


  • They are similar to the various Hellbugs that appear in the TV show and video game called Defiance.

Randomly Spawn NPC

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Ice Giant small Ice Giant

Hellbug Invader small Hellbug Invader