Highlands Recipe

Highlands Recipe

Category Recipe
Type Unlocker
Item ID
Unlock a random Medieval Highlands recipe you don't already have unlocked
— Item Tooltip

Highlands Recipes are gained by completing Recipe Lairs in Medieval Highlands Biome. They are a one-time-use item and will teach a player an unknown Highlands Recipe when used. If all recipes are known, they will be unable to be used but can be deconstructed into Blank Scrolls.

Highland Recipes

Like most recipes, Highlands Recipes will unlock a recipe that the player has not already unlocked from the respective biome it was obtained from. There are a total of 162 Highlands Recipes.

Medieval Highlands
Large Leek Sprout small

Large Leek Sprout

Planted Carrot Patch small

Planted Carrot Patch

Planted Onion Patch small

Planted Onion Patch

Planted Potato Patch small

Planted Potato Patch

Corn Bed small

Corn Bed

Tomato Bed small

Tomato Bed

Watermelon Bed small

Watermelon Bed

Cherry Bonsai small

Cherry Bonsai

Juniper Bonsai small

Juniper Bonsai

Maple Bonsai small

Maple Bonsai

Winter Bonsai small

Winter Bonsai

Straight Planter Section small

Straight Planter Section

Standalone Planter small

Standalone Planter

End Planter Section small

End Planter Section

Corner Planter Section small

Corner Planter Section

Uncommon Planter End Section small

Uncommon Planter End Section

Uncommon Planter Corner Section small

Uncommon Planter Corner Section

Straight Hedge Section small

Straight Hedge Section

Juicy Highlands Mushroom small

Juicy Highlands Mushroom

Glowing Cave Mushroom small

Glowing Cave Mushroom

Trimmed Topiary small

Trimmed Topiary

Mysterious Tree Stump small

Mysterious Tree Stump

Wall Sunflower small

Wall Sunflower

Cornucopia small


Standing Fountain small

Standing Fountain

Fishy Fountain small

Fishy Fountain

Spiry Fountain small

Spiry Fountain

Tiered Fountain small

Tiered Fountain

Peaceful Artisanal Pond small

Peaceful Artisanal Pond

Ol' Gold-on-Green small

Ol' Gold-on-Green

Fancy Doghouse small

Fancy Doghouse

Busy Beehive small

Busy Beehive

Timeless Rose small

Timeless Rose

Ranger Gnome small

Ranger Gnome

Wildwood Fae Gnome small

Wildwood Fae Gnome

Tiki Torch small

Tiki Torch

Tiki Pole small

Tiki Pole

Highlands Railing Bottom small

Highlands Railing Bottom

Highlands Railing Top small

Highlands Railing Top

Plain Pane Window small

Plain Pane Window

Window Crossbar small

Window Crossbar

Simple Window small

Simple Window

Sliding Window small

Sliding Window

Paned Window small

Paned Window

Glass Paned Wood Column small

Glass Paned Wood Column

Ornate Wood Column small

Ornate Wood Column

Plain Wood Column small

Plain Wood Column

Classic Pillar Base small

Classic Pillar Base

Classic Pillar Midsection small

Classic Pillar Midsection

Classic Pillar Crown small

Classic Pillar Crown

Classic Beam Section small

Classic Beam Section

Classic Beam End small

Classic Beam End

Classic Connector small

Classic Connector

Forest Banner - Top small

Forest Banner - Top

Forest Banner - Middle small

Forest Banner - Middle

Forest Banner - Bottom small

Forest Banner - Bottom

Bead Curtain Top Section small

Bead Curtain Top Section

Bead Curtain Mid Section small

Bead Curtain Mid Section

Bead Curtain Bottom Section small

Bead Curtain Bottom Section

Ancient Bronze Totem small

Ancient Bronze Totem

Mushroom Altar small

Mushroom Altar

Tansu Base small

Tansu Base

Tansu Bookend A small

Tansu Bookend A

Tansu Bookend B small

Tansu Bookend B

Closed Cabinet small

Closed Cabinet

Left Ajar Cabinet small

Left Ajar Cabinet

Right Ajar Cabinet small

Right Ajar Cabinet

Sturdy Bookcase small

Sturdy Bookcase

Solid Bookcase small

Solid Bookcase

Well-Loved Bookcase small

Well-Loved Bookcase

Dusty Bookcase small

Dusty Bookcase

Book Pile Base small

Book Pile Base

Book Pile Top small

Book Pile Top

Gold Chain small

Gold Chain

Posh Partition Section small

Posh Partition Section

Posh Partition Corner small

Posh Partition Corner

Posh Partition End small

Posh Partition End

Original G Poster small

Original G Poster

Sweet Home Painting small

Sweet Home Painting

Abstract Forest Painting small

Abstract Forest Painting

Colors Sign small

Colors Sign

Equipment Sign small

Equipment Sign

Furniture Sign small

Furniture Sign

Smithing Anvil small

Smithing Anvil

Sword Rack small

Sword Rack

Weapon Rack small

Weapon Rack

Shield Rack small

Shield Rack

Stone-Sealed Sword small

Stone-Sealed Sword

Sylvan Bed Head small

Sylvan Bed Head

Sylvan Bed Foot small

Sylvan Bed Foot

Wood Table Side small

Wood Table Side

Wood Table Corner small

Wood Table Corner

Blick-a-Block Table small

Blick-a-Block Table

Sorcerous Tome small

Sorcerous Tome

Connexels Game small

Connexels Game

Golden Throne small

Golden Throne

Blue Couch - Left Section small

Blue Couch - Left Section

Blue Couch - Right Section small

Blue Couch - Right Section

Comfy Green Armchair small

Comfy Green Armchair

Bench Left Section small

Bench Left Section

Bench Left End Section small

Bench Left End Section

Bench Middle Section small

Bench Middle Section

Bench Right Section small

Bench Right Section

Bench Right End Section small

Bench Right End Section

Porcelain Throne small

Porcelain Throne

Artsy Easel small

Artsy Easel

Simple Fish Bowl small

Simple Fish Bowl

Model Castle small

Model Castle

Dangling Doorbell small

Dangling Doorbell

Teak Trunk small

Teak Trunk

Serene Crystal small

Serene Crystal

Trovian Shield small

Trovian Shield

Trash Can small

Trash Can

Wheeling Wheelbarrow small

Wheeling Wheelbarrow

Party Pizza small

Party Pizza

Cerulean Egg small

Cerulean Egg

Bounteous Barrel small

Bounteous Barrel

Avarem's Grade-A Apple Juice small

Avarem's Grade-A Apple Juice

Container Crate small

Container Crate

Turkey Plushie small

Turkey Plushie

Knight Plushie small

Knight Plushie

King Qubesly Plushie small

King Qubesly Plushie

Beddy Sweepy Shroomling small

Beddy Sweepy Shroomling

Classy Kitty small

Classy Kitty

Watchful Guard Dog small

Watchful Guard Dog

Napping Pemblock Pup small

Napping Pemblock Pup

Lounging Primblock Pup small

Lounging Primblock Pup

Soot Sprite small

Soot Sprite

Giddy Gradient small

Giddy Gradient

Tasteful Tiles small

Tasteful Tiles

Knight Banner Top Section small

Knight Banner Top Section

Knight Banner Middle Section small

Knight Banner Middle Section

Knight Banner Bottom Section small

Knight Banner Bottom Section

Cheeping Chick (Highlands) small

Cheeping Chick (Highlands)

Guardian Gargoyle small

Guardian Gargoyle

Squeaky Squirrel small

Squeaky Squirrel

Highlands Tree Bough small

Highlands Tree Bough

Highlands Tree Trunk small

Highlands Tree Trunk

Fence End Section small

Fence End Section

Wrought Iron Fence Corner Section small

Wrought Iron Fence Corner Section

Wrought Iron Fence Straight Section small

Wrought Iron Fence Straight Section

Trovian Banner Top Section small

Trovian Banner Top Section

Trovian Banner Middle Section small

Trovian Banner Middle Section

Trovian Banner Bottom Section small

Trovian Banner Bottom Section

Dainty Dinner Set small

Dainty Dinner Set

Little Lilypads small

Little Lilypads

Blooming Lilypad small

Blooming Lilypad

Large Lilypad small

Large Lilypad

Trovian Pennant Lead Section small

Trovian Pennant Lead Section

Trovian Pennant Center Section small

Trovian Pennant Center Section

Trovian Pennant Tail Section small

Trovian Pennant Tail Section

Piggy Bank small

Piggy Bank

Giant Duck Plushie small

Giant Duck Plushie

Cubit Wall Hanging small

Cubit Wall Hanging

X Block small

X Block

Li'l Elder Drake small

Li'l Elder Drake

Li'l Master Drake small

Li'l Master Drake

Chompski the Gnome small

Chompski the Gnome

Pinata Sign small

Pinata Sign

Citron Table Edge small

Citron Table Edge

Citron Table Corner small

Citron Table Corner

Woodstove Top small

Woodstove Top

Woodstove Bottom small

Woodstove Bottom