Holohock Matrix

Holohock Matrix

Holohock Matrix Plant

Category Decoration
Type Neon City
Group Gardener
Designer folly
Item ID

Decorative. This virtual flower grows near the Data Stream of the Neon City.
— Item Tooltip

Holohock Matrix is a craftable Gardening item in the Gardening Bench. Players can plant it in any place/block in the world but its more convenient that they put in their Cornerstone or in their Club World.


Crafted Using

Crafting Station
Gardening Bench small Gardening Bench
Ingredient(s) Amount
Plasmic Solution small

Plasmic Solution 1
Sunlight Bulb small

Sunlight Bulb 25
Robotic Salvage small

Robotic Salvage 1
Holohock Matrix small Holohock Matrix 5



a fully grow Holohock Matrix

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