Infinity Diamond

Infinity Diamond

Category Material
Type Quest
Item ID
A legendary gem that refracts light in ways barely understood by science or magic. The device was powered by a huge diamond, forged in the dragon-like flames of a volcano's fiery caldera.

The Infinity Diamond is one of the four main materials that is used in crafting the Neon Nightsky Wings. Each item's description holds a clue as to where to find the crafting table that is capable of crafting the item. 


Crafting Station
S.O.A.R small S.O.A.R
Ingredient(s) Amount
Diamond small

Diamond 500
Infinity Diamond small Infinity Diamond 1


Dungeon Dragon

The dungeon in question.

The rarest S.O.A.R. table to find, the S.O.A.R. T-3 crafting table is found inside Sky Fortress (unofficial name) dungeons (large dungeon) in Dragonfire Peaks biomes, provided there is a green torch on the rim of the volcano caldera directly below the fortress.

To access the crafting table, one needs to go down the pathway inside the caldera until a purple portal can be seen, then look through the gap in the wall and go through the entrance shown by a second green torch, located directly across the lava pool.

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