Jade Clover

Jade Clover

Category Material
Type Gem
Store Price Credits small 5
Item ID
Gem Level Up Booster. This lucky charm prevents Cracking!
— Item Description

Jade Clover is a crafting material used to upgrade Gems. This item will prevent any Normal and/or Empowered gems from breaking during the upgrade process. These can be obtained commonly in Gem Booster Boxes and/or purchased in the Store using Credits only. These can be easily obtained with the Legendary Jade Clover Tome.

These clovers can be crafted into Glittering Horseshoes, however with the amount of clovers needed to make one horseshoe, it is preferred not to craft the horseshoes. The reason being that players have a better chance upgrading gems using 10 clovers versus one horseshoe.


Crafting Station
Adventurer's Crafting Bench small Adventurer's Crafting Bench
Ingredient(s) Amount
Jade Clover small

Jade Clover 10
Glittering Horseshoe small Glittering Horseshoe 1