The items listed here are the default key bindings in the game. You can change your key bindings in Controls, which you can find by pressing Escape, then click on Settings. To change a key, press the green button that you want to change and then press the key you want to change it to.

Hotkeys are used as a fast way to use or place an object in Trove. Players assign an item to a hotkey by dragging an item from their inventory into the Hotbar. Using the corresponding key on the keyboard will use the item assigned to it. Shadow Keys have to have their assigned key held near a Shadow Lock to be used.


Blocks, trophies, portals, decorations, and crafting stations can only be placed with their hotkey while in Build Mode. Bombs, potions, recipes, Holiday boxes, mounts and mag riders can be placed on hotkeys while in Adventuring Mode.


Key Xbox key Action Name Description
W Left circlepad MoveForward Move your character forward.
S Left circlepad MoveBackward Move your character backward.
A Left circlepad MoveLeft Move your character left.
D Left circlepad MoveRight Move your character right.
Space A Jump Your character will jump into the air. You can press space when you are in the air to jump extra times. Extra jumps can be gained by wearing equipment that has + X jump(s).
Numlock AutoForward Your character will automatically keep moving forward.
Alt ReleaseMouse  ??
F X Fish Fishing fish.
E X Loot Press E to loot stuff and to do different actions in the game.
H Up Dpad Homeworld Pressing and holding H for three seconds will teleport you to the homeworld.
Z Left circle pad EquipMount Toggles whether to equip and use your mount or not.
X Left circlepad EquipCart Use this key on Mag Riders to equip them.
G left circle pad EquipBoat Equip your boat, preferably when you are about to go into water or is in water.
Tab Map button SwitchInputMode Switch between adventure mode and build mode.
F7 ToggleUI Toggles your UI, and to hide your character you can type /hideplayer.
Escape Menu button SystemMenu Open the system menu where you can find different options.
M right circle pad Map Toggle showing the map.
C Hold down dpad CharacterSheet Toggle showing your character sheet.
B Up dpad Inventory Toggle showing your inventory.
N Store Toggle showing the store.
U Player Marketplace A place to sell your stuff
F1 MainMenu Toggle open up in-game menu.
O FriendsList Toggle showing your friends list.
L LikedWorlds Toggle showing your liked worlds list.
P Clubs Toggle showing your clubs list.
Y Collections Toggle showing your collections.
J Hold right circlepad ClassChanger Toggle UI to change current class or buy new classes.
K ShadowTower Toggle showing the Shadow Tower menu (Must be near a Shadow Tower Portal and have keys available in order to open a portal).
F9 MetaforgeFreeCam Toggle free cam (only works in the Metaforge).
F10 MetaforgeCinematicEditor Toggle the Cinematic Editor (only works in the Metaforge).

Hotbar - Adventure Mode

Key Xbox key Action Name Description
M1 RT BasicAbility Use your basic ability.
M2 LT PrimaryAbilitty Use your primary ability.
1 RB Ability1 Use your ability at the second slot.
2 LB Ability2 Use your ability at the third slot.
Q Left dpad ItemSlot1 Use your item at your fourth slot.
R Y ItemSlot2 Use your item at your fifth slot.
T Right dpad ItemSlot3 Use your item at your sixth slot.
Shift B Dodge Perform a dodge.
M3 B Dodge2 Perform a dodge. Same as Shift.

Hotbar - Build Mode

Key Xbox key Action Name Description
M1 BuildModePrimary Place a block.
M2 BuildModeDestroy Destroy blocks and things around the world.
M3 (Hidden) Toggle between walking and running.
1 BuildModeSlot1 Select the first slot.
2 BuildModeSlot2 Select the second slot.
3 BuildModeSlot3 Select the third slot.
4 BuildModeSlot4 Select the fourth slot.
5 BuildModeSlot5 Select the fifth slot.
6 BuildModeSlot6 Select the sixth slot.
7 BuildModeSlot7 Select the seventh slot.
8 BuildModeSlot8 Select eighth slot.
Shift+WheelUp BuildModeRotateClockwise Rotates objects clockwise.
Shift+WheelDown BuildModeRotateCounterClockwise Rotates objects counter clockwise.
Shift+WheelDown BuildModeRotateCounterClockwise Selects through other slots (used for GamePad use).

Hotbar - User Interface

Key Action Name Description
Escape Cancel Cancel an action and close interface windows.
M2 InventoryTransferItem Right clicking on an item will transfer only one item from your inventory. This also equips gear on the player's current class.
Ctrl InventoryTransferMultipleItems Holding left ctrl while dragging/clicking an item will make you able to choose the amount you want to transfer.