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Ladybug Invader

Ladybug Invader Model

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Category Beetle
Type Shadow
Biome Anywhere
- Event
AI Type Beetle AI
Item Drops
Item (Quantity) Rarity
Glim small Glim (1-2) Common
Ladylike Bugbute small Ladylike Bugbute Uncommon
50px Shadow Bugbute Uncommon
Ladybug Wings small Ladybug Wings Rare

Enemy Ladybug Invader

Ladybug Invaders are melee invader enemies located in any Biome. Like other invaders, they fall from the sky to land near other players and are similar in strength to bosses.

They can only spawn during the Ladybug Invasion event.


  • The unique loot dropped from Ladybug Invaders aren't affected by the tier of uber world or magic find.
  • There are different sizes of ladybug invaders, big and small.
  • Big ladybug invaders drop XP depending on the world you are in. (They don't drop as much as Shadow Giant's)

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Ladybug Invader small Ladybug Invader

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