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Lands of Learning

The Lands of Learning is the tutorial world of Trove. This is where the players first start their journey. This is the only biome which is prebuilt and uses no RNG to generate its terrain. Originally, the world was a small island consisting of Peaceful Hills and Cursed Vale, surrounded by the Sea of Regret. Since holding H in the tutorial will not teleport the player to the Hub World, in order to leave, the player had to collect 15 Shapestone to create a Hub Portal. In the Spring Edition, the tutorial was redone and made its own biome. The objective in the new tutorial is to climb to the top of the large tower near the spawn and go through the Hub Portal. In order to warp back to the Lands of Learning, you must say the command '/tutorial'. For the Novice player, there is a 1-star boss known as the "Radiant Specter", and defeating it will enable a portal to bring you to the Hub, and like all bosses will drop a chest to destroy for loot.

If one were to fly from the island that is floating, the player will encounter 'The Abyss'. This is currently, to be believed, to be the Sea of Regret; but instead of water, its just a dead drop. The player, even if using an ability to protect themselves from all damage, will instantly die when they reach below the world. Dying this way will cause the player to lose their passive magic find.

This tutorial zone is home to the rare Wide-eyed Noobfish and is the only place it will appear. Aesthetically, it also appears to be a part of the Sky Realm. In this area players learn to design their character, build, move around the world and use their Elysian Flask. Players can access the Lands of Learning at any time by typing /tutorial in the chat menu.


“This is all that remains of the temple of the Sun Goddess…

Her Radiance once protected all realms, above and below…

The Moon grew jealous of the Sun, it was no great surprise…

A great shadow, long trapped, was now freed…

At dawn the battle began. By nightfall, it was lost…

Her Radiance knew nightfall would bring an end to everything, and so sacrificed herself and her realm…

Now you must step forth to enter the Prime Realm, join the battle, and become a beacon of light.”


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