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The Lands of Learning is the tutorial world of Trove, where new players spawn when first starting the game. It can also be accessed using the /tutorial command.

It has a similar theme to the Radiant Ruins biome.

The world consists entirely of a unique floating lair with no enemies except a Radiant Specter as the boss. Falling off the terrain will instantly kill the player. Attempting to glide outside of the terrain using wings will enter an empty biome referred to as the Abyss; falling within the Abyss will also kill the player.

It is the only place where Wide-eyed Noobfish and Flameroasted Noobfish can be caught.


The first 5 objectives of the Golden Thread are completed in the Lands of Learning:

Name Description How to get Reward
First Steps Press [W], [S], [A], or [D] to move and use the mouse to look around. Walk 30 steps. Flux small Flux x5
Your First Fight Follow the path to the cave and use [M1] to attack your foe. Defeat an enemy. Flux small Flux x5
Loot Equipment Smash open the chest then press and hold [E] to loot all nearby equipment. Flux small Flux x5
Equip Your Loot Open your inventory by pressing [B] then [M2] to equip. Flux small Flux x5
Travel to the Hub World Press and hold [H] for several seconds to travel to the Hub World. Travel to the Hub World. Flux small Flux x5


“This is all that remains of the temple of the Sun Goddess…

Her Radiance once protected all realms, above and below…

The Moon grew jealous of the Sun, it was no great surprise…

A great shadow, long trapped, was now freed…

At dawn the battle began. By nightfall, it was lost…

Her Radiance knew nightfall would bring an end to everything, and so sacrificed herself and her realm…

Now you must step forth to enter the Prime Realm, join the battle, and become a beacon of light.”


The Lands of Learning used to appear as a small island containing Peaceful Hills and Cursed Vale, surrounded by Sea of Regret. To exit, players had to collect 15 Shapestone to craft a Hub Portal. It was remade in the Spring Edition update.


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