Lava Crab
Category Crab
Primary Biome Dragonfire Peaks
AI Type Cannonballer
Unique Item Drops
Item (Quantity) Rarity
Glim small Glim
Sticky Ichor small Sticky Ichor
Bomb small Bomb Uncommon
Lava Crab Wall Trophy small Lava Crab Wall Trophy Rare
Blueprint ID
Enemy Lava Crab

Lava Crabs are ranged enemies located in the Dragonfire Peaks Biome.


Unlike other crab enemies, Lava Crabs shoot projectiles and can become really dangerous for players since they do not have to have a direct line of sight to hit the target, and players cannot easily tell where the projectile is from. Its Projectiles are shot in an arch, the closer the target, the smaller the arch.


Lava Crabs are very much similar to normal crabs but has more of a molten texture/look to it. Its body resembles a small volcano where the lava projectiles come out of.


  • Lava Crabs can commonly be found anywhere in the biome.
  • Very strong against low health trovians as it is hard to dodge.