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This article or section is hidden within the game and can only be seen within the game's files or in the Trove Database.

This article or section will be updated once information on it has been released.

Lunar Costume Mystery Box

Lunar Costume Mystery Box

Category Mystery Box
Type Costume
Item ID
Throw it down and collect your random costume.
— Item Tooltip

Lunar Costume Mystery Box is an unreleased/hidden type of Costume Mystery Box that can be found hidden within the game's blueprint files. It is unknown when it will be released along with its "lunar" themed set of costumes.


The following are the contents of Lunar Costume Mystery Boxes, all of which are uncommon drops:

50px Lunar Costume Mystery Box
Item Amount Rarity
Argent Avenger small Argent Avenger 1 Uncommon
Sunset Slinger small Sunset Slinger 1
Twilight Trickster small Twilight Trickster 1
Moonfire Mystic small Moonfire Mystic 1
Midnight Marauder small Midnight Marauder 1
Lunar Berserker small Lunar Berserker 1
Selenic Sage small Selenic Sage 1
Nightfall Stalker small Nightfall Stalker 1
Captain Moonsilver small Captain Moonsilver 1
Dusk Dervish small Dusk Dervish 1
Eclipse Evoker small Eclipse Evoker 1
Lunar Legionnaire small Lunar Legionnaire 1
Crescent Chloromancer small Crescent Chloromancer 1
Twilight Tamer small Twilight Tamer 1
Shadowmoon Shieldmaster small Shadowmoon Shieldmaster 1