Mag Rail Speed Changer
Category Decoration
Type Mag Rail
Designer Trove Team
Placeable Anywhere
Item ID

Mag Rail Speed Changers are functional items used to change the speed a Mag Rider will travel while on connected Mag Rails.


Speed Changers can be used in large track systems to allow customization; for example, the fastest state can be used to travel around a Club World or building quickly, while a slower state can be used if you want the user to be able to examine scenery nearby in detail.

Pressing E while facing your cursor towards the Speed Changer will change its state to be 1 setting faster (or back to the slowest if it's already the fastest possible).

When placed, they will be blue by default, while red is the default Mag Rail speed if no Speed Changer is present.

Blue is the slowest possible setting, while red is the fastest; the closer to red the Speed Changer is, the faster Mag Riders will travel. (They cannot exceed the speed granted by a Mag Rail Booster.)


Crafting Station
Fun Factory small Fun Factory
Ingredient(s) Amount
Infinium Ore small

Infinium 20
50px Mag Rail Speed Changer 1