Mag Rails are a rail item craftable in a Fun Factory. There are currently three types, Mag Rail, Mag Rail Booster, and Mag Rail Speed Changer. They are used by Mag Riders to travel at speeds faster than mounts/running.

Types of Rails

Mag Rail

Basic rail which allows the Mag Rider to be ridden on. Intersections can be made by connecting rails in a T shaped pattern. The directions can be switched between by looking at the intersection and pressing the Use/Interact Button (Default: 'E')

Mag Rail Booster

Rail which temporarily boost the speed of the Mag Rider in the direction it is travelling in. Press E to make it slow down the Mag Rider instead.

Mag Rail Speed Changer

Sets the speed of the Mag Rider after it crosses it. Press E to change the speed setting. There are 5 settings, fading from blue to red. Blue is slow, red is fast.

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