Mag Riders are used by players to ride through Mag Rails at a very fast speed but very slow on land. Mag Riders can be used to ride user-made Mag Rail coasters in Club Worlds and cornerstones.

Pressing X will activate the Mag Rider.


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Item Description Obtained
Rickety Minecart small Rickety Minecart Rattle and roll all along the rail towers Granted to all players at the start.
Item Description Obtained
Mag Racer small Mag Racer Used to ride on mag rails and look flashy doing it. Can be crafted at the Adventurer's Crafting Bench. Craftable using the Adventurer's Crafting Bench.
Item Description Obtained
Fun Police small Fun Police Woop, woop! It's the fun police. Credits 2 1625.
Dance Pad small Dance Pad Soooooooul Traaain. Credits 2 1625.
Metalhead small Metalhead So metal. Bought with the Raving Revenant Pack.
Personal Pop Parade small Personal Pop Parade Never stop dreaming. Rare Drop from Chaos Chests.
Item Description Obtained
Mega-Skater small Mega-Skater Don't wipe-out. Mastery
Infinium Mega-Skater small Infinium Mega-Skater Don't wipe-out. Mastery 50
Item Description Obtained
Rock Riot Dock small Rock Riot Dock No better way to learn than by making it a fun game.. Rare drop from Chaos Chests.
Shadow Tower
Item Description Obtained
Bull Shadozer small Bull Shadozer Mows down anything in its path. Bought from the Shadowy Market.
Prophetic Trance Pad small Prophetic Trance Pad Its chaotic chorus is said to induce visions leading to enlightenment... or madness. Bought from the Shadowy Market.
Item Description Obtained
Caskart small Caskart It's a casket and a cart. Efficient! Available in the Store during Shadow's Eve.
Pumpkin Box small Pumpkin Box Everyone jump in the pumpkin box. Craftable in the Shadowy Station.
Mustache Mag small Mustache Mag I mustache you a question. Available in the Store during Movember.
Turbo Turkey small Turbo Turkey Not one to get caught flat-footed. Available in the Store during Turkeytopia.
Mahogan Toboggan small Mahogan Toboggan A lovingly-crafted snow slider. Craftable in the Wheel of Seasons.
Laden Sleigh small Laden Sleigh Spread cheer, not fear. Rare drop from Snowfest Mystery Box.
Item Description Obtained
Carnaval Coaster small Carnaval Coaster Party on until the break of dawn. Brazilian Translation Reward
0 mastery points
Dome Dancer small Dome Dancer Take over the square and show off your dance moves! Russian Translation Reward
0 mastery points
Feathered Float small Feathered Float Lead the parade with some special dance action. Hungarian Translation Reward
0 mastery points
Chromatic Key Pad small Chromatic Key Pad Smart Technology for a sublime synaesthetic experience.

Given out at PAX 2017
(Code only)

In Progress
Item Description Obtained
Boa Tata small Boa Tata This giant fiery snake sets the rails on fire. Will be implemented in future patches.
Cardboard Coaster small Cardboard Coaster Powered by pure imagination Will be implemented in future patches.
Item Description Obtained
Neon Ray small Neon Ray Lightly glide in style. Unknown

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