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WARNING: It is against Trion's Terms of Use Agreement (as seen in section 2 and section 12D) to sell codes for real money and/or in-game currency and can/will result in a ban from the game.

Magic Trove Carpet

Magic Trove Carpet

Magic Trove Carpet

Category Mount
Type Carpet
Group Promo
Stat 1 90 Movement Speed
Item ID

Made from real Troves.
— Item Tooltip

Magic Trove Carpet is a carpet mount that can be obtained from TrionWorld Streams. The developers give out these carpets by the amount of viewers that are currently viewing the stream (for example, if there are 2,500 people currently viewing the stream, they will give out 25). They are also given out when attending PAX.

This mount is only given out via redeemable codes and only one code can be redeemed per account.

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