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Midnight Mantle

Midnight Mantle

Midnight Mantle effect

Wings Midnight Mantle

Category Wings
Type Badges
Designer Screamheart
Stat 1 95 Movement Speed
Item ID
Course across the night sky as serenely as the moon.
— Item Description

The Midnight Mantle are wings that can be obtained by completing Badges. These wings are obtained by logging into Trove for 45 consecutive days (changed from 90 days). You can check your consecutive login days by opening the style collection then badges category, pressing 'Y' in-game will lead you to the category Badges.

Because they are a grant, they will automatically be added to your Collection. They are unable to be bought, sold, or traded.


  • These wings were originally the "Starry Night Wings" mod made by the user Screamheart. The forum thread can be seen HERE.

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