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Lasermancy is a critical part to mining.

Mining is a game mechanic that allows players to gain resources from Adventure Worlds.

How to Mine

To begin mining, press the Build/Mining hotkey (default Tab). Hold down the right mouse button and begin breaking blocks (Note: Blocks break at different speeds, usually based on their color). The broken blocks will then be added to your building inventory.

You can mine Ores just like any other Primal Block, though these may take more time to destroy based on how common the ore is.

Mining speed can be increased with Lasermancy on items and bonuses through Mastery.

Resources That Can Be Mined

The following chart shows all the resources that can be mined. Note that the Miner's Trove is found through mining, and is not mined itself:

Item Notes
Shapestone Ore small Shapestone common; used to create most decorations and all rings.
Formicite Ore small Formicite Ore common; used in the Cube Converter as currency to change blocks.
Infinium Ore small Infinium uncommon; used in large quantities for the creation of Portals.
Primordial Flame small Primordial Flame uncommon; used to make bombs and a few other things.
Golden Soul small Golden Soul rare; used in creation of Club World items.
Somber Soul small Somber Soul rare; only spawns in undead biomes, used to make Skully and some undead decorations.
Glacial Shard small Glacial Shard rare; only spawns in permafrost biomes, used in winter recipes
Recipe Block small Recipe Block Very rare; teaches a special block recipe when used.
Primal Green small Primal Green Medieval Highlands, Fae Wilds
Primal Orange small Primal Orange Medieval Highlands, Fae Wilds, Desert Frontier
Primal Grey small Primal Grey Medieval Highlands, Permafrost, Desert Frontier, Fae Wilds, Neon City
Primal Blue small Primal Blue Permafrost, Neon City
Primal Red small Primal Red Desert Frontier, Dragon, Candy
Primal Purple small Primal Purple Undead, Neon City
Primal Yellow small Primal Yellow Undead
Miner's Trove small Miner's Trove Rare drop when mining Shapestone, Formicite or Infinium