The hostile mobs in the trovian adventure world do all have a different amount of health and damage, depending on the kind of mob and the world-tier. Higher tiers causes stronger enemies. Also, enemies have more health in the following order: Minimobs, ranged mobs, melee mobs, bosses.

The following tables should give some insights.


World tier Melee Ranged Mini Boss
Novice 2200 - - 6160
Adept 3794 2846 - 10623
Elite 5480 4110 1370 19454
Master 8794 6596 2199 33417
Uber-1 12500 9375 3125 45000*
Uber-2 18000 13500 4500
Uber-3 34000 25500 8500 120000*
Uber-4 85000* 63750* 21250

Note: The numbers marked with (*) exceed 34608, so they are achieved through several added shots. These numbers aren't guaranteed to be correct.

Sky Realm / Radiant Giants

First tries on Radiant Giants took 156 hits at 17968 damage per hit. So the health is about 2,8 million*.

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