Necrofancy Pack
Ui store pack special tombraiser
Credit Icon 3,000
Grab the Necrofancy Pack to unlock the new Tomb Raiser Class! This nefarious necromancer has an undead entourage and a major bone to pick. Dispense destruction in style with fearsome costumes, spider mounts and a set of smoky Soulfire Wings.
Trove Store Description

During the initial release of the Tomb Raiser class, the Necrofancy Pack was available through the deals section of the in-game Store for 3,000 Credits.

It includes the Tomb Raiser class, Soulkeeper and Acidic costumes for Tomb Raiser, the Boneweaver and Spite Biter spider mounts, and Soulfire Wings.



  • The included mounts and Wings were a preview before it can be purchased in the store separately from the pack.

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