Ores are material are used mainly in crafting, and some are rarer than others. Some spawn only in specific Biomes, while others will only spawn in veins of other ore.


List of Ores
Item Biome (Rarity) Obtained
Shapestone Ore small Shapestone Ore

Everywhere ◆

Formicite Ore small Formicite Ore Everywhere ♣
Infinium Ore small Infinium Everywhere ★
Primordial Flame small Primordial Flame

Everywhere ★
Dragonfire Peaks

Somber Soul small Somber Soul Cursed Vale
  • Mining
Golden Soul small Golden Soul Everywhere ★
  • Mining
Glacial Shard small Glacial Shard Permafrost
Crystallized Cloud small Crystallized Cloud Radiant Ruins

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