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This page is under Retired Items.
  • The following item is removed from the game due to obtainability and/or the item being discontinued.
  • Players who had the item previously will not have theirs removed, but the item will not have the same use in the game.
Organic Cube Converter
Organic Cube Converter
Category Crafting Station
Item ID
Reverts blocks to a more natural state.
— Item Tooltip

The Organic Cube Converter was a crafting station that was used to convert color blocks into organic blocks.


Crafting Station
Crafting Bench small Crafting Bench
Ingredient(s) Amount
Primal Red small

Primal Red 10
Primal Green small

Primal Green 10
Primal Blue small

Primal Blue 10
Shapestone Ore small

Shapestone 20
Glim small

Glim 20
Organic Cube Converter small Organic Cube Converter 1

Used to Craft

  • Peaceful Dirt
  • Peaceful Stone
  • Highlands Dirt
  • Highlands Stone
  • Neon "Grass"
  • Cyberian Ice