PTS Patch Notes - March 20, 2017

Credit Pouches

  • In order to target marketplace price manipulation of credit pouches and reduce fraud we're making a small change to how they function:
  • Credit pouches are now automatically consumed when purchased from the player marketplace.
  • Credit pouches can now only be listed in the marketplace and not traded in other locations.

Minigame Changes

  • Updated minigame scoreboard to keep player scores displayed after they've left a completed game.
  • Updated minigames to scale all mounts to the same speed.
  • Updated minigames to scale all run speed to the same speed.
  • Updated minigames to scale all wings to the same speed.
  • New Minigame recipes used to build a new minigame type, the Target minigame, have been added to the Worldspring crafting bench.
  • Fixed a bug where mini game and club portals could spawn on top of each other.
  • There is now a recipe on the Worldspring crafting bench for a Minigame Teleporter placeable.
  • Fixed racing minigame exploit.

Additional Updates

  • Added new costumes to the Chaos Crafting Workbench! There are new costumes for the Candy Barbarian, Chloromancer, Dino Tamer, Dracolyte, Fae Trickster, Gunslinger, Knight, Lunar Lancer, Neon Ninja, Pirate Captain, Shadow Hunter and Revenant!
  • Flasks now have a brief cooldown when emblems or flasks are changed.
  • The Double Experience Potion now displays a buff icon in the upper left to indicate it's running and how much time is remaining.
  • The Chaos Crafter will now display "This is already in your collection" for costumes and collectables you've already crafted.
  • Fixed a bug with the way the Dino Tamer Max Health and Health Regen values were being calculated. This has been fixed and as such, all Dino Tamers across the board should now have more Max Health and Health Regen!
  • Leaderboards and contests now grants rewards to everyone who is tied. We will be making some other small changes to rewards before this patch goes live, specifically the class leaderboards will be getting an adjustment to expand the top reward and no longer reward a chaos coin.
  • Fixed bug where weapon is sometimes replaced with fishing pole.
  • Squeakers is now worth 100 Mastery, up from 50. His loyalty has finally been rewarded.
  • Updated Power Rank for St. Qubeslick, Tranquil Tentacle, and the new Streamer Dream allies.
  • Fixed bug where some plant tooltips didn't show what season they grew in.
  • The Starter Class Coin has a new look, to differentiate it against the regular Class Coin.
  • Changing your name no longer blocks you from logging back in.
  • Improved projectile collision.
  • Panatea the Partifier now uses the original multi-colored effect again for the impact vfx.
  • The Golden Dragon Effigy now deconstructs to 300 Dragon Coins.
  • Invasions and World Bosses removed from the first 2 worlds (Medieval Highlands/Novice and Permafrost/Adept). Our newest players should not be terrorized so suddenly.
  • Updated descriptions for the following crafting materials to be more specific: Blank Scroll, Diamond, Shadow Diamond, and Ancient Scale.
  • Fix camera shaking visible during movement.

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