Category Mount
Type Craftable
Stat 1 90 Movement Speed
Item ID
Hay is for Horses, monster tears are for PWN-E.
— Item Tooltip

The PWN-E is one of the few craftable mounts in the game. Like most other craftable mounts, it can be made at an Adventure's Crafting Bench with Steed Feed and other resources, in this case Robotic Salvage.

The PWN-E can also be used to make the Infinity PWN-E mount.


Crafted Using

Crafting Station
Adventurer's Crafting Bench small Adventurer's Crafting Bench
Ingredient(s) Amount
Robotic Salvage small

Robotic Salvage 300
Steed Feed small

Steed Feed 400
PWN-E small PWN-E 1

Used to Craft

PWN-E small PWN-E
Result Item (Quantity) Crafted in...
Infinity PWN-E small Infinity PWN-E PWN-E small PWN-E
Infinium Ore small Infinium (2,000)
Steed Feed small Steed Feed (200)
Adventurer's Crafting Bench small Adventurer's Crafting Bench


  • The PWN-E is pronounced the same as "pony".
  • The name is a possible reference to the Disney Pixar film WALL-E, which is about robots.
  • PWN is a Leetspeak slang term meaning own.

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