Back to Work Edition

  • The Shadow Dungeon will now sometimes spawn instead of a Shadow Arena. This is our first pass on this experience, so please give us feedback! Once we're happy with how it plays we intend to open these to community creation.
    * Snowfest is over!
    * Biome-specific recipes now drop from recipe lairs and pinatas and will always unlock a recipe you don't already have unlocked when used
    * Fixed a water simulation bug in deep water/overhang situations
    * Fixed some situations in which holes appear in liquids
    * Fixed some liquid rendering artifacts
    * Origin portals now last 90 seconds
    * Up to 48 players may now enter a club world at once
    * The Ice Sage's Frozen Ward no longer "protects" against /respawn
    * The aim VFX for Eis Crom Cone Ice Crash only displays for the player using the ability
    * Slightly increased NPC health for Uber 3, 4, and 5
    * Unyielding flask now lasts another 0.5 seconds. Vital Greatflask and Flask of Zeal now have 10 charges instead of 8.
    * /ignore now works for Say messages.
    * The horse mounts now move at the same speed as the rest of the mounts.
    * Existing trophies have been updated to mo' better improved visuals with less noise and more performance.
    * Candy biome monsters will now drop appropriate trophies, at the same frequency as monsters from other biomes
    * Airships lair in Frontier zones will no longer spawn assault quests.
    * New decor by Tribe, ArtyCutie, Carmella, MajorTom, Falkreon, Sidriel, Kaldris, voper45, GabrielD, Milambit, Spritzo, Mood, Fhilian, Blestmist, Meowsifer, Gregorius, and Ginnybinny has been added to the game!
    * New swords by Bahamuth, Vort, TheSpookySpoon, OrbitalBanCannon, FriedSushi, MajorTom, Kisho, WaffleBoy, Rykas, Shifta, Mrfondle, SleepyGhost, Viirahue, Total, Xercium, Ninehand, Pransaculass, PlasmoChicken, dagaz, Choczy, BobDuke, WaterFlame, Demoq, Bex, Najir, fireSet, bloodfrenzy, Igmolicious. Huegh, Login, Hatzy, Talitharne, Turhothgor, _Protichsx_, Sverre12, Tribe, TeeKayM, IllusionEffect, SrKlein, Khazok, TheGiv32, Sturtzy, MikzHatsune, Succulent Slice by Sylcion, Remagamer, Opioum, Noooaah, Malefic, Proximus, Haosi, SUQAZLO, PxlJin, Marbels, Kukui, Aceship, Cretoriani, Akibas, Magmahunter, Tyhler, FriedSushi, Aethoryn, captainpalms, LemanRuss, and Blindside have been added to the game!

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