Town Portal Edition

  • Town portals are now in the game, craft them!
  • Before unlocking new crafting recipes you must first craft one or more other items.
  • The robot workbench and many new robotic decorative blocks have been added.
  • Equipment no longer has ranks, power is based solely on rarity and higher rank zones drop higher rarity items more often.
  • Hit effects and damage are now predicted client-side when attacking, making attacking feel more responsive.
  • Object previews in the UI are no longer affected by the day/night cycle.
  • Fixed a shader issue causing terrain to disappear.
  • You can now hold down the left mouse button to continuously swing your sword.
  • First pass at in world tooltips.
  • Whispering to another player now displays the recipient's name instead of your name.
  • Fix for people getting stuck in a buggy not-quite-dead-yet state if they use a health potion just as they are killed.
  • Leveling up now grants greatly increased stats.
  • Fix for some of the black screen issues.
  • Fixes for some of the Cornerstone issues.
  • Adventuring content has received a balance pass. As zone rank increases NPCs now scale more dramatically.
  • Treasure chests are now found only in dungeons.
  • Treasure chests can no longer be hit by NPCs.
  • Crafting stations should now face the right way when placed.
  • Crafting stations now have proper icons in the inventory and crafting window.
  • New player created weapons from 3of9, linky00, Tribe, Apjhouston and BaconLaserBeam are now in the game!
  • New community items from Pyro, Naatti, SerinaNight, Zap, and Chiara have found their way into the world!

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