Neon Nightcycle and Passive Crafting Edition

  • A new mount, the Neon Nightcycle, is now in the store!
  • You can now continuing crafting without keeping the crafting window open!
  • The crafting progress bar also now shows overall crafting progress when crafting multiple of the same item
  • For this week only there are bonus pinatas with each credit pack purchase 20 dollars and above!
  • Warpseed is now known as Glim
  • Music blocks no longer cost Warpseed/Glim to craft
  • Mag Rails no longer cost Warpseed/Glim to craft
  • Starter crafting stations no longer cost Warpseed/Glim to craft
  • You can now deconstruct recipes for blank scrolls. These don't do anything else and there's some polish to do for deconning stacks.
  • When changing the fullscreen display resolution in the settings you will now be asked to confirm if that resolution works for you within a time limit before the client reverts to the previous setting.
  • Players other than the player who throws it should now get the global use winter recipes from winter pinatas
  • The Neon Ninja dash now works when submerged in liquid.
  • Theme music will now play in all zones at first spawn in to the game.
  • Upgraded particle renderer and fixed some cases where particles would disappear
  • Fixed issue where shadows disappear when standing under a ledge
  • The Springy Sporely is now crafted at rank 5 gardening
  • New Candoria dungeon from Kukui and Gamefuel
  • New Dragonfire Peaks dungeon from Stedms
  • New Neon City dungeon from BlueMango10
  • New Permafrost lair from FriedSushi
  • New Candoria lair from Markec1983
  • New Candoria lair from Qoaleth
  • New Candoria lair from Kukui
  • New Candoria lair from Khastiel
  • New Desert Frontier lair from Jhoaockundari
  • New Permafrost lair from Cretoriani

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