Musical Edition

  • There is now in-game music!
  • Mushrooms and mushroom men now drop mushroom parts, now used to craft health potions.
  • Melee attacks now hit once per swing instead of on a timer.
  • Animation and effects like attacking and walking should now be more closely linked.
  • NPCs and harvesting nodes should be returned to their previous overland spawn rates.
  • The town center has now been updated with more decoration and it now prevents building from happening in that area.
  • The location display now updates much faster.
  • Robot deco pieces now require 100 robot parts up from 5 (it turns out you can get a lot from group loot and tower clearing).
  • New user submitted weapons and props from Tribe, Fragsauce, Alloren, Skol, Fusiontank, Stitch and Sitnam have been added to the game!