Open Seas and Ally Edition


  • The pirates of the Treasure Isles have begun sailing back into the worlds of Trove, their cargo holds chock-full of mysterious goods from the lands beyond the Sea of Regret. Find them anchored in any adventure world, and check out the goods they have to trade!
Originally Posted by Developer NotesThis is the first part of our post-sky update and is still pretty early. The seas are still shallow, but this is how you can get some goods like pets, mounts, pearls, and recipes. Currently the pirates are just crafting stations and this will be updated with the larger water update planned as the next big update after the sky one.==
  • Allies-- formerly Pets-- are now more widely available and have some extra special powers. Catch 'em all!
  • Cotton Candy now has more magical attributes.


  • Mastery rank now goes up to 90, which grants the Cycle of the Master!
  • Flasks now give 25 mastery points. Pets (aka. Allies) now give 10 mastery points.
  • Player terminal velocity now changes in water. Players no longer receive fall damage while underwater.


  • Jumping and building no longer cost energy. Instead, energy regeneration is temporarily stopped.
  • Experience gain from levels 1-10 is now limited to adventure worlds one above the currently recommended one.
  • Slightly increased experience required to level from 6-10.
  • Magic Find is no longer group based and increases rarity instead of forge level, leaving the level to use the same.
  • Magic Find from equipment has been reduced and the chance per point to trigger has been retuned.


  • The Power Pack and Class Pack now are available in the store!
Originally Posted by Developer NotesThe Power Pack is designed to be an obvious single or first purchase from the store. It has wings, a mount, pearls, two class coins (no trade) and more. The Class Pack is a way to get a deep discount on classes if you’re interested in picking them up 5 at a time. These are replacing the starter packs.==
  • Tomes, Pearls, and Prisms are no longer available for Cubits on the store.
  • Horse mounts on the store are now 2000 cubits and the raptor and awesome ball are now 4000.
  • The Hotdog Hero Gunslinger costume is now live, both on the store and in the Costume Mystery Box!
  • Chaos Chests are now available on the store!
Originally Posted by Developer NotesChaos Chests are low cost chests which have a lot of possible loot from both the past, present, and future of Trove. You never know what you’re going to get and what is available can and will change at any time and without warning.==
  • Water no longer reduces movement speed of mounts.
  • All players now start with 'Slow Sebastion'. A slower than normal mount.
  • Two new mounts are now acquirable in game: Fast Frank and the Jelly Knight!


  • Reduced incidence of Candoria recipe lairs to be in line with the other biomes.
  • Candy Castle dungeon should no longer be embedded in the terrain.
  • Shadow invaders now drop guaranteed equipment instead of flux.
  • Slightly increased health of uber enemies.


  • Golden Holiday Key is now known as the Golden Key.
  • Reduced Unyielding Flask's duration by 0.5 seconds.


  • LightCycle sound tuned: Ambiance Turned On : Underwater audio state supported.
  • Pember and Pemburr now have footstep sounds and Pember has a jump sound.
  • Cycle engine sound improved.


  • The Gunslinger and Candy Barbarian's left-hand weapons are now mirrored.
  • Fixed instances of skin-based VFX not spawning, such as the Dracolyte's idol explosion.
  • Corrected issue with cubemap initialization in OpenGL.
  • The top segments of lamp posts should now emit light.


  • Cupcakes now correctly indicate they are found in Candoria zones, not Permafrost.
  •  Infinity Frames now require 50 bottles to craft.
  • Pearls can now be traded for from pirates with Flux.
Originally Posted by Developer NotesWe see the Pearls as essential and the other materials more as ways to ‘cheat’ through the equipment advancement portion of the game. We feel that the Magic Find change also accommodates the function of Prisms in a more gameplay way. We’ll be closely watching the impact of this change.==
  • Shadow Arenas have been updated to be have a staging area, be enclosed, and have a more shadowy look. In addition, staging areas for Shadow Arenas and Shadow Dungeons now feature a Class Changer.
  • Slightly increased health of enemies in shadow arena/dungeon.
  • In Shadow Arenas and Dungeons occasionally a random class will be chosen to deal double damage for the duration
Originally Posted by Developer NotesWe made this change to provide a fun bonus to people who have multiple end game ready classes.==


  • New hairstyles by Uberzolik, GadgetCAT, and Dragoes have been added to the game!
  • New face styles by RainNero, Blindside, Hawanity, Tichondria, LoboMal, Afalach, and GrimTheR34P3R have been added to the game!
  • New decor by CyberTriber has been added to the game! New Hat styles by Walyn, Aviarei, tmahwk, User, Humpypants, BrianVI, Coyote_Tricks, GMM, Kukui, Smorph, and Darkinhell have been added to the game!
  • New Staff styles by Tytillean, MisterFii, CubistWollywog, Camoman908, Condorspark, KyroVision, Proximus, Pupshies, Lachtre, Kukui, Supamuffin, _Lucidity_, Ocgineer, Marotovski, Aspis, Finnary, BrianVI, and LippyLapras have been added to the game
  • New Undead Hills dungeon from Curtharv.
  • New Candoria lair from Lamafao.
  • New Candoria lair from Cogarkillz.
  • New Candoria lair from Screamheart.
  • New Undead Hills recipe lair from GadgetCAT.