Wings Promotion
Take Flight Update!


  • Shadow Hunter is now live! This class uses a bow to do massive damage to enemy targets with charged shots, while the shadow trapped in their gem whispers about who to kill.


  • You can now craft a portal to the Sky Realms!
    * Mine Crystallized Clouds, harvest Radiant Shards, but you'd best come prepared with wings, or it's going to be tough to keep up!
    * A new rare mount, the Nimble Nimbus, can now be found rarely in the Sky Realms!
    * Updraft blocks are now craftable in the Fun Factory!


  • Wings are now obtainable in game!
    * Mastery Rank 20 and 100 now grant wings!
    * Stormcaller's Wings are now in the store!
    * Wings of Darkest Night now drop incredibly rarely from Shadow Arenas.


  • Runecrafting is now live! Obtain some radiant shards from the Radiant Ruins, then learn a whole bunch of new block recipes to build to your heart's content! As your runecrafting skill increases, you'll unlock a variety of colored, metal, glass, and glowing block recipes.
    * At the higher levels, you'll be able to craft vault style unlockers that will unlock a Vault style, as well as tomes that you can equip to grant yourself additional resources of a specific type as you adventure!
    * A new mount, the Floating Formula, can now be crafted by Runic Masters at the Runecrafting bench!


  • Added 101 new colors of colored blocks (split between standard, glass, metal, and glow).
    * Added emotes! You can now /wave hello or goodbye or take a nap with /zzz. Characters with no input for 2 minutes will also now automatically start snoozing.
    * Fixed the dreaded "Received user acknowledgement" login bug.
    * Mastery rank now goes to 100!
    * The Magic Find tooltip now has correct text.
    * Fixed a bug where players who are loaded in while already in flight appear to fall and teleport back up repeatedly.
    * Fixed a bug where being hit by an enemy could cancel jumps and other movement.
    * Chests now take fewer hits to destroy.
    * Spikes can now be destroyed by bombs.


  • The Mount, Mag Rider, Flask, Wings, and Ally slots are now class specific.
    * As a result of this change the Mount, Mag Rider, Flask, and Ally slots will be empty on log in and will need to be re-equipped.


  • Chaos Chests have been randomized!
    * Uberman, a new costume for the Gunslinger, is live!
    * Prisms are now 1000 Credits.
    * Heart-a-Phone is now in the store and now turns your target's name red for 24 hours.
    * You can no longer purchase the textured block recipe in the store for bordered blocks. You now earn these through Runecrafting.
    You now gain 2 no-trade flask coins instead of the fixed flasks in the Power Pack.

* Gunslinger's Blast Jump ability now increases height less but gives you a temporary slow fall effect
* The Gunslinger now slowfalls after hitting with a basic attack
* Fixed bug where Gunslinger's passive instant charge shot couldn't be fired at zero energy.


  • Mining Troves, Party Animals, and Recipe Blocks will now drop the new type of block recipe that teaches you a random block recipe that you don't already know.
    * You can now deconstruct stacks of the same item.
    * Red equipment can now be deconstructed for flux plus 1 eye.


  • Magic Carpet drops are now more common in Uber 4 and 5, and are otherwise less common.
    * Uber 4 and 5 worlds are slightly harder.
    * The King's Tomb dungeon will no longer spawn in Undead Hills.
    * The Haunted Mansion dungeon will now spawn properly in the Undead Hills.


  • Shadow Arenas and Dungeons are now slightly harder.


  • Improved cloud distribution, especially while moving. Clouds now respond immediately to lighting changes.
    * Fixed a bug where the knight could lose Iron Will shield VFX upon being hit.
    * Significantly reduced CPU cost of camera-based player opacity.
    * Fixed a bug where exiting gliding by jumping put the player into the wrong animation.
    * Resource blocks now blend into the terrain better.


  • Accesories on hairstyles will now, for the most part, ignore hair color and retain their own coloring
    * New decor by Tribe, MajorTom, Qoaleth and Screamheart has been added to the game!
    * New hairstyles by Dragoes, GadgetCAT, and Subtitles have been added to the game!
    * New mask styles by TigerLove, Ixion, chocobag, and Claire have been added to the game New hat styles by Kukui, Ranen, TheZoobler, Aviarei, Shyster, MCfan567, Turtlenade, Dusty_Mustard, Floretha, Agent_41, and Phoenix have been added to the game!
    * New staff styles by Zeeg, MediocrityGoggles, Smorph, nolanvoid, KtlavskoX, FedoraTip, and FriedSushi have been added to the game!
    * New melee weapon styles by Karokendo, Sentium, Zeeg, Zodriac, ForJagler, Turtlenade, AllieCat, RoflGofl, Blindside, Miredirex, Seral, Enthropy, ElMexicano, LETAL1TY, LippyLapras, Hypatech, Smearg and Fhilian have been added to the game! New pistol styles by Zipperumpazoo, BlueMango, and Voodoo have been added to the game!
    * New bows by Tribe, Aodahn, Jonny_Spikey, Screamheart, nolanvoid, Floretha, Greenitthe, PinkNekoGirl, Tyhler, Riptide, FriedSushi, GadgetCAT, Stedms, Ixion, RutilusFalx, EdgeG, Cougarkillz, Solipso, MapletXD, LinguisticallyInept, Drakfyre, MiszterSoul, TehRedReaper, MysticLugia, LippyLapras, Ranen, TheGiv32, miopiIV, watermellonduke, JumpyBunny, Dragoes, Leeman, CloBunny, _Protichsx_, Qoaleth, GinnyBinny, Bahamuth, Quedifuv, Linker, FrozenCross, Taiboi, Uniquisher, Jallafish, Wallow75, Aspis, Sephyr, Shyster, MajorTom, Buckerneir, Dirkalo, MrTuffnStuff, TomixD, Rhylight, PsicoVoxeL, Leeon, Nomeneta, Caspersaur, tmahwk, Prototype, Rade_Dobison, pasi123567, GreyRellik, demosito, Stedms, Aodahn, TheZoobler, FriedSushi, PinkNekoGirl, HandofGod, Tribe, Khali, Eriri, Mirage, Ecky, Kiyomi, Kyiro, Zimanta, Nomeneta, CassIV, TeeKayM, Soulrenor, Dave203, Kopandazavr, TheGiv32, Robotik, Ginkgo, Lucifuge, Prototype, cczeus, Tresette, taelg, AshtonGrey, Byoo, and Kane8066 have been added to the game!
    * New Neon City dungeons from Khastiel and Lamafao.
    * New Undead Hills dungeon from Screamheart.
    * New Treasure Isles dungeon from FriedSushi.
    * New Candoria lairs from Habosbabafos, Thresio, Markec1983.
    RN: New Undead Hills lairs from Tribe and WINRAR-exe.
    RN: New Highlands lair from Condorspark.

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