More Ore Edition

  • There are now ore veins that spawn! Dig up some resources.
  • Equipment now decays over 5 days, up from 3.
  • All recipes have been updated to use new resources.
  • Metal scrap and flame petals are no longer used for anything.
  • All items in the 'Building' category now go into 'Blocks' or 'Decoration' instead. See note at end of post.
  • Rare recipies now drop. Consume them to learn new things to craft!
  • Medieval Highlands and Desert Frontier now have special resouces.
  • Biome specific resources now only drop from treasure chests.
  • Added Highlands Workbench (placeholder visual).
  • Biome decoration no longer is guaranteed to drop from boss chests, but still frequently drops from boss chests.
  • Bottle plants have mutated and no longer have transparent leaves.
  • Dragging a item from the trade window to your inventory will now also removed that item from your offer.
  • You can now remove entire stacks of items from your trade offer by dragging them out of the window and you can now accept a trade where only one player offers item(s).
  • Added new and improved mining laser sound.
  • Visual improvements to the mining laser.
  • More iteration on the starting area and biome.
  • Boss mushrooms now have crowns.
  • In addition to the health potion, you now start with the following recipes unlocked: town portal potion, workbench, color changer, chromatic chunk.
  • Dungeon bosses now have more health, but deal less damage.
  • New items from KrystalKnight, NonBritGit, Samurai0Ninja, and Tribe have been added to the game!

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