Slippery Ice and First Phase Equipment Edition

  • Some equipment stat changes have been made in preparation for permanent equipment and forging.
  • Equipment now gets its core stats and one additional stat on creation. If Magic Find triggers it gets a second additional stat.
  • Shadow equipment can no longer be obtained, stay tuned for how to get it in the future.
  • All stat ranges on an item are now rolled from min to max per stat with no relationship to the other stats. This means that there is a wider range of item power within each tier.
  • Crafting stations, the trading post, community chest, and class changer have had a visual overhaul. They now fit in a single block and are now easier to destroy and place.
  • You will no longer leave joined channels on world change or game exit.
  • You can now list players in a channel with /chatlist.
  • You can now type in four digits when specifying the number of items to drop.
  • You can now move multiple items at a time between your inventory and the community chest or your dimensional chest.
  • Portals now have unique VFX.
  • More experience is now required per level.
  • NPCs now drop equipment less often.
  • Ice is now slippery.
  • New items from Miquail, RayWolf, TrashCandy, Tribe, Cretoriani, OutrageousCookie, kdno_be, JonThePlays, Vahmose, CrazyDrakkon, Aviex, RageGamerRyan, and Tsumugu have been added to the game!