Ultimate Ability, Homeworld Heart, Friends List, No Equipment Loss Edition

  • The Knight and Gunslinger now have ultimate abilities! These are abilities with powerful effects and a cooldown.
  • The Knight has the ultimate ability 'Iron Will'. This is a complete heal and short duration damage reducing effect.
  • The Gunslinger has the ultimate ability 'Run and Gun'. This removes the movement penalty from auto-attacking and increases movement speed and attack speed.
  • Block is no longer a core mechanic and has been removed. We'll be looking at other options.
  • Added a craftable 'Homeworld Heart'. Place this in your Homeworld and people can interact with it to show their appreciation. The total number of players who have interacted with it will be displayed in the lobby.
  • There is now a friends list! Use /friendslist or type 'O' to open it.
  • Equipment no longer decays.
  • Leveling no longer grants +% stats.
  • Added minimum required level to items of high rarity.
  • Hats and face slot items now drop as gear with stats. In the future it will be possible to add stats to promotional hats and face slot items.
  • Emblems can no longer be equipped and no longer drop.
  • Removed hats and faces from the store.
  • New craftable adventure portals: 5+ and 5++, these are similar to rank 5 but harder and have a higher chance to drop rare loot.
  • New slash commands: /hatpreview and /facepreview let you preview hats and face gear!
  • Gunslinger shots now destroy grass.
  • Organic block recipes should now work.
  • The following trophies will now drop from the appropriate creatures: Cave Beetle Trophy, Scarab Beetle Trophy, Golden Beetle Trophy, Ladybug Trophy, Mushroom Man Trophy, Rimetalon Trophy, Flying Cannonbot Trophy, Biped Cannonbot Trophy.
  • The NonBritGit Empire has fallen.
  • New items from KrystalKnight, Cretoriani, SirDeccy, Tribe, TrashCandy, JonThePlays, Joris, Naime, and Phyrb3ar have been added to the game! Some of these are not yet attached to loot tables or crafting, but all are available for use in dungeon creation.

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