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Fish 'N' Ships Update

Arriving on 3/31/15!



  • Avast, ye scurvy landlubbers! A new class, the Pirate Captain, is now live!


  • Seize the day and set sail! You must have both a ship and a sail equipped to travel.
  • Press [G] to hop on your boat (must not be on land).
  • All Ships have their own stats, and sails are purely cosmetic!


  • The Treasure Isles now have adventuring lairs, dungeons, and deep ocean water.
  • The merchants on pirate ships are now actual NPCs!


  • Fishing is now live! Catch fish and deconstruct them for resources and to add them to your collection. Some fish can be hard to catch and require special conditions! Currently, fish can only be found in water and lava. Chocolate and plasma faring fish will make their appearance in a future update!


  • There is now a merchant in the hub which sells the starter fishing pole, ship, and sails as well as fishing lures.



  • The Pirate Pack is now live! This comes with the Pirate Captain class, both the Master of Commanding and Ghost Pirate costumes, and the SS Draconic and SS Dutchman. This replaces the Class Pack in the store.
  • The SS Draconic is now in the store, this ship and sail allow you to travel on lava without taking damage!
  • The SS Dutchman is now in the store, this ghostly ship and sail are more agile than most other Galleons.
  • Chaos Chest has been randomized and has new rare loot to be discovered! It's a pinata party!
  • Updated the store art for the Elysian Guardian and Bone Knight, thanks LippyLapras!


  • The Cookiephant Adventurer’s Box no longer drops.
  • The Eggster Adventurer's Box now has a chance of dropping from any enemy in the game! It will drop adventuring loot commonly and uncommonly, and rarely you will obtain one of two new mounts from it - the Chocolate Chicanery or the Eggster Bouncer! The chance on this dropping is slightly lower than the Cookiephant box was.


  • Mastery rank now goes to 130.
  • Mastery rank 120 gives a fishing pole and 130 is coming soon.
  • Mastery rewards no longer give mastery points.
  • Allies now give additional points depending on their rarity.
  • Tooltips in the Collections window now show how many mastery points each collectable is worth.


  • What was known in-game as Loyalty Points are now called Patron Points.
  • Fixed an issue for people with 1000 Patron Points or more sometimes not getting their daily Chaos Chest.
  • /stats now shows your total Patron Points.
  • New stats are now tracked and shown on /stats – boxes opened, days logged in, and consecutive days logged in. These might be important in the future!


  • Mounts now move slower when in water. Time to get in ship shape!
  • Added tooltip to make it more clear that you're collecting a style as salvage when deconstructing equipment
  • Fixed spacing between items in Collections window.
  • Fixed a bug where players could get stuck in a mounted animation state after changing worlds and unequipping their mount.
  • Fixed an occasional crash that could happen when aggroing an enemy.
  • Fixed Invert Mouse axes options in the settings not taking effect immediately after changing them.
  • Setting the window to "Windowed Fullscreen" will now go fullscreen on the monitor the game window is currently on.
  • /joinme no longer displays invitations from ignored Players.
  • Juggernaut and Lifesaver flasks have been removed from the collections UI until they can be added to the game.
  • The Cryo-Storage lair in Neon City should now spawn correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where dying while flying or in a boat caused other players to see you on the ground with wings or in a boat after respawning.
  • We're working on our UI, in the meantime at some smaller window sizes the old UI will appear smaller. Adjust your resolution for now and the new UI will be coming in hot and fresh.

Community Content

  • New Permafrost lair from Walyn.
  • New Permafrost lair from Walyn.
  • New Fae Wilds dungeon from Khastiel.
  • New Permafrost lair from Khastiel.
  • New Dragonfire Peaks dungeon from Knickedknacked.
  • New Permafrost lair from Walyn.
  • New Fae Wilds lair from Arnoxuz.
  • New Permafrost lair from Qoaleth.

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