Eco Spire and Passive Power Edition

  • A new dungeon can be found in Tundra zones through Adventure Portals! The Ecospire (credit to the right honorable Kungfuquickness/Tribe) is now open for business.
  • Knight and Gunslinger now have passive abilities.
  • The Knight has gained 'Retribution' and their basic attack will deal additional damage after taking damage once every 3 seconds.
  • The Gunslinger has gained 'Lucky Shot', each of their attacks has a chance to instantly charge the Charged Shot.
  • The Knight's smash attack now does less damage.
  • Improved multi-jumping! You can now continue multi-jumping after bumping your head. You can also begin multi-jumping after walking off of something *(previously, you had to jump off).
  • Fixed bug where you could have more than one pet following you at once.
  • Crafting is now fixed!
  • The Glow, Glass, and Metal block crafting stations are now able to be crafted!
  • Shooting and bomb-throwing enemies now retreat less frequently.
  • Recipes are no longer locked on crafting stations.
  • Some dropped recipes now teach multiple craftable recipes.
  • Rank 1-5 adventure portals and the class change machine now cost cubits only.
  • The Homeworld Heart now is a lot more fun. Touch it.
  • Hats can now have lasermancy and items now drop with more stat types.
  • You can now be a red-head.
  • New weapons, cornerstone decorations, and hairstyles from TrashCandy, Corwin, Aviex, Camakazininja, Kahleaf, Exciel, Cretoriani, and Tribe have been added to the game!
  • The /ignore feature is fully armed and operational. Use it wisely.
  • Axe weapons are now in game. If you submitted an axe that never showed up, well, it's there now.

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