Forging and Flowing Water Edition

  • Forging and Deconstruction phase 1 is in!
  • You can now craft a Forge and a Deconstructor at the Hearthcaster.
  • Deconstructing most items will give flux. Resplendent items will also give a prism and Shadow items give something mysterious which doesn't do anything (yet).
  • Flux can be used to increase the exalted level of an item. Each level gives +2% item power and caps at level 25.
  • You can also give one additional stat per item using a Pearl of Wisdom.
  • Twinkling Tomes are not yet in game but will be able to be used to reduce the required level of an item.
  • The Perfect Prism (deconstruct a Resplendent item) can be used to increase an item's rarity up to a max of Shadow.
  • Magic Find now increases the exalted level of a dropped item by up to 3.
  • You can now craft a water source block.
  • New Homeworlds now have a short tutorial experience and have only a single ring of additional zones.
  • There is now a portal to use to return from whence you came within adventure worlds.
  • There is now a button to go to a friend's Homeworld in the friend window.
  • Adventure Portal worlds are now larger and have greater variety of zones.
  • Added the Hearthcaster, which is used to craft functional items for your Homeworld and moved all such items to it and out of the default crafting page.
  • The Organic Cube Changer is now crafted from the Cube Changer.
  • Chromatic Chunks have been removed from the crafting system. All recipes that called for them have been updated.
  • Added water splashes.
  • Ice biomes now have ice shard ore veins instead of fire ore veins.
  • You can now craft Highlands Dirt and Stone and Cyberian Ice.
  • Crafting is now organized in a fixed way.
  • Player crafted and placed blocks are now damaged by player abilities.

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