Lockout Fixing and Homeworld Portals Edition

  • Fix for the reason some worlds were becoming locked.
  • Cubits no longer do anything. In their place you can now get Warpseeds. These are used for portals of all types (and will be used for even more interesting portals in the near future).
  • A message will now display whenever a friend logs out or into the game.
  • Added craftable homeworld portals. These are permanent portals which link to the Homeworld of the crafter and can be crafted at the Hearthcaster.
  • Loot dropped in 5+, 5++ zones now start with additional levels in Exalted.
  • You can now buy Twinkling Tomes in the store for both types of currencies.
  • Bombs are now more effective against dungeon blocks and have an updated recipe which grants 5 bombs at a time.
  • Music will now only play once per zone, on entry.
  • The Cornerstone and Gold blocks are now crafted on the metal cube changer.
  • Fixed Gunslinger bug where shooting right as you are hit by an enemy caused you get stuck shooting with no animation.
  • A new stat is now on helms and face equipment, percent health.
  • The Hub is now gone. We are going to be taking elements of it and adding them to the Homeworld and Adventure Worlds (specifically making adventure worlds larger and closer to the old hub). This will be an ongoing process of iteration and will take a few patches to get right.