Blitz and Glitz Edition

Arriving on 4/21/15!


  • There are new costumes on the store (and in a brand new pack), they are:
  • The Heartbreaker for the Gunslinger, by CloBunny
  • The Bee Trickster for the Fae Trickster, by Rajeeb
  • The F43 Trickster for the Fae Trickster, by Leeon1234
  • The Sugar Skull for the Candy Barbarian, by Astrick
  • The Dark Infineon for the Candy Barbarian, by Screamheart
  • The Heartbleed for the Neon Ninja, by Astrick
  • The Lunar Ronin for the Neon Ninja, by Thelgmo
  • The Shadow’s Disciple for the Ice Sage, by FriedSushi
  • Chaos Chests have been randomized. Open a few and see what’s in there this week! We’ve put in a few Meownts plus the Neon Nightcycle and a bouncing bug we found lying around.


  • The hotbar has been updated to the new UI style.
  • The star bar has been updated to the new UI style.


  • There are now some new graphics settings that are testable for high end users (coming soon to actual video settings near you).
  • Type /postbloom to test out bloom
  • Type /postssao to test out ambient occlusion.


  • New VFX for Candy Barbarian - Licorice Lord costume.
  • Dracolyte VFX beefed up a little.
  • Fixed bug where Dracolyte and Pirate Captain familiars disappeared after player fell to their death


  • You can now join other club members in their worlds from the club roster!


  • Fix for Class Coin or Flask coin not unlocking your selection if in a specific slot.
  • Fixed bug where wings sometimes got triggered by normal jumps in club worlds
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to get more than 8 people in a Shadow Arena or Dungeon
  • Corrected the orientation on the Gunslinger charged shots and Chaos Hound's footprints.
  • Enemies no longer leave combat in Shadow Arenas


  • New hairstyles by Rajeeb, Phydra, MonsterAnt and Pupshies have been added to the game!
  • New hat styles by Ranen, SK8REX, Sqwyt, Aviarei, Mythlit, Brava, Eriri, The_Coby, Shalimar, AngeloTGC, Fizzinc, TigerLove, Mansage, Knightlock, Estavos, MappyT, MonsterAnt, MajorTom, chocobag, and Stedms have been added to the game!

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