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Welcoming Edition

Arriving on 4/28/15!



  • The welcome screen is now live! It displays the current daily bonus, information about what's new and coming soon, a place to buy the latest deal, information on the current Adventure Box, and the daily chaos factor!


  • Daily bonuses are now live! In addition to the current +100% cubits on weekends, there are now the following bonuses:
- Monday: +20% gain to harvesting resources
- Tuesday: +50% gain to ore 
- Wednesday: +100% gain to glim acquired through adventuring
- Thursday: +50% gain monster drops on Thursdays (including adventure boxes)
- Friday: +50% gain to shards (both Radiant and Shadow)



  • Randomized Chaos Chests. Look for some new wing previews this week in the chest!


  • Phoenix Adventurer Chests have been replaced with Buddy Budgie Adventurer's Chests, which have a chance of containing one of two rare Buddy Budgie mounts, created by Kungfuquickness!


  • Meownt now drops rarely while adventuring!
  • 6 new Meownts can be crafted at the Crafting Bench!


  • The merchants of the Treasure Isles have wrangled up a variety of new mounts, and are now offering the Jade Larvorghini, Candorian Caterpillar, Battle Catterpillar, and Rodeo Cowterpillar for sale. Take them for a ride!
  • The merchants of Treasure Isles have hauled in a huge booty of new sails from all over the worlds of Trove, and are now offering them for sale!
  • Butterfly Allies can now be found inside the Butterfly Soultraps, sold by the Treasure Isle merchants!
  • Pet soul traps now cost 300 Glim, up from 250.


  • The trade window now returns to player selection if the other player cancels the trade instead of closing. Also clarified the message for when the other player cancels the trade.
  • Corrected the orientation on the Gunslinger charged shots and Chaos Hound's footprints.
  • The Candied Fishing Cane has a new, less gummy, more chocolatey bobber.


  • Added additional advanced video settings including: LOD Distance, Field of View, Bloom, Depth of Field and SSAO. Turn these on in the video settings!


  • New deco syles by BuzzBomb8, Ocgineer, Kukui, ROTFLandmines, GadgetCAT, EyeballPrincessII, TeeKayM, Screamheart, Insaint, Meowsifer, Walyn, Seth177, TehRedReaper, Tribe, Xeviar, Milambit, and Qoaleth have been added to the game!
  • New melee weapon styles by Lyean, Laegh, Zsword, Yelish, QAQlll, Humpypants, Zuonis, Qoaleth, xGhost, Paper97, LippyLapras, PinkiePie, NyantaMan, Fhilain, Furler, Dragoes, AceGonzalez, Sotilis, Pumkmine, Erudito, Zanano, Jonjoun, boboyobo12, knecls, Lightraider, Mrturtleguy, Screamheart, MetalTxus, OreoKirby, Qbush, bananainyogurt, Skollrum, Howell, tmahwk, ap5p, BboySwifty, Reikdar, Fiscon, Sevrenox, Aodahn, Lachtre, Hordik, Mythlit, Miknugget, Gyrruss, and Roniofking have been added to the game!
  • New Face styles by CloBunny, Mansage, Kill3rCreeper, TheMinion, Humpypants, PinkNekoGirl, EyeballPrincessII, chocobag, Erudito, Netharia, Stedms, MappyT, Delvulria, Fhilian, MajorTom, MetalTxus, Lenzsio, Ranen, BrianVI, Wellfox, Dave203, NyantaMan, and Ceca have been added to the game!
  • New hat styles by Ranen, SK8REX, Sqwyt, Aviarei, Mythlit, Brava, Eriri, The_Coby, Shalimar, AngeloTGC, Fizzinc, TigerLove, Mansage, Knightlock, Estavos, MappyT, MonsterAnt, MajorTom, chocobag, and Stedms have been added to the game!
  • New Staff styles by Bugvsbug, Mordred, Stedms, Eriri, Mioure, Ceicil, Revoniel, BrianVI, ReshiramFury, SupremeNova, Sheribonbon, Delvulria, Wesl, RageGamerRyan, Kill3rCreeper, Volfide, MCfan567, Rajeeb, PonyPrince, Heiliar, 5p3x, Shyster, Alyvian, MiszterSoul, Lacirev_, Xylioxus, KobayashiMaru, Icy_Ymir, and Reggame have been added to the game!
  • New pistol styles by LETAL1TY, Keyelor, PixelatedGamer, Wenti, Heiliar, protOplasm, AdamantSpartan, Zsword, InfineonJ, LaFreakki, Karrut, Blestmist, CrossXDemon, OreoKirby, Qoaleth, Skendya, Minibot, Llianew, PinkiePie, Inzynier, Hooborg, GadgetCAT, Khali, orcamig, chocobag, Gyrruss, Revoniel, Knightlock and 456link have been added to the game!

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