Return of the Hub Edition

  • The hub is back! The primary flow is now that you go to the hub from the big button in the lobby. This will make getting to your Homeworld awkward for now, if we like this design then polish will happen shortly.
  • Holding 'H' now takes you to the hub world.
  • Much more power is now gained by leveling up. NPCs are now harder to compensate for some of this power. The goal is to make levels and gear more equal in their contribution to power level (especially before Shadow tier) and for NPCs to not become trivial the moment new gear is acquired.
  • Base percentage stat bonuses for classes have been removed except for the bonus health on the Knight.
  • There is now a new newbie tutorial experience which appears when you place a new Cornerstone.
  • You can again place adventure portals in Cornerstones.
  • The star bar now tracks personal progress and grants a personal reward when full. It may only be filled once per day.
  • The daily login bonus is now 200 source and each star bar fill is 300 source.
  • Placing blocks now uses a small amount of energy, but does not require energy.
  • Destroying blocks now uses no energy.
  • Updated where most core recipes are located in the crafting tree. Added a new second tier hearthcaster crafted from the first one.
  • Updated the cost of many core recipes.
  • Town portal potion is now called origin portal potion.
  • Fixed a bug where you could spam attacks by using a potion while attacking when at max health.
  • Crafting material drops no longer come from quest chests. Bones and Robot Parts now drop from NPCs and Enchanted Wood now comes from enchanted stumps found in the world.
  • Bugs now drop Ichor - to be used in future recipes.
  • Removed 'especially interesting' organic deco from generating in the peaceful hills biome. This was confusing when it didn't drop a crafting item.
  • NPCs which shoot should be less spastic.
  • Fix for a visual bug with the Homeworld Heart where the base would float with the heart.
  • Fixed a dupe bug with the inventory.
  • Fix for the lobby sort not persisting through refreshes.
  • Fix for some the edge cases which could cause Cornerstones to be wiped or save as the wrong person's.
  • The metaforge now displays an element count in the upper left. This element count shows you how graphically expensive your dungeon is.
  • Air Vent, Line Turret and Spikes are now available in the metaforge for placement in your dungeons!

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