Hub Polish and Party Animal Edition

  • New hub which is much larger and cannot be built upon.
  • Added new assignment rules for hub worlds, which assign you to one that you've previously visited and spin new ones up after enough players have visited an existing one.
  • The party animal is now in the game store! Buy it, smash it, and get loot with your friends (or strangers).
  • Most decorative items no longer drop (rare bears and trophies still do).
  • All decorative items which no longer drop now have a crafting recipe drop which can be learned.
  • Reduced the cost of the starter mounts by 500 source and they now can only be purchased with source.
  • Reduced the cost of the Pearl of Wisdom by 500 source.
  • Improved melee collision detection.
  • The ' * ' on item stats now represent a number higher than 80% of max (down from 85%).
  • Fix bug with Knight's passive where if it activates while continuously attacking, the damage never procs.
  • Exalted items now grant an additional +1 for each exalted level to core stats.
  • If you drop an item from your inventory, it won't automatically loot.
  • Frontier lamp should now provide light.
  • Fixed bug where Knight's passive activates when taking fall damage.
  • Tweaked melee attack ranges for player and enemies.
  • Fixed bugs where you can spam attacks by holding attack button and mashing on an interactable.
  • There is now an exit button in the lobby!
  • Reduced experience required to level for the first 7 levels.
  • NPCs in rank 1 and rank 2 zones deal less damage.
  • The Knight's Iron Will and the Gunslinger's Run and Gun abilities now unlock at level 6.
  • Fixed an issue causing flowing water to stop flowing.
  • Made water and glass look better when next to each other.
  • Grass should grow a little faster.
  • Chat font size is now smaller.
  • Recipes you do not have the materials to craft now appear darker.
  • The workbench and color changer now appear on the Silver Hearthcaster.
  • There is now a second more advanced forge which is built after the first one. The first forge you craft now will only exalt your weapons.
  • Removed dungeon health mod.
  • Slightly increased number of stars required to fill bar.
  • Some recipe polish - adjusted cost of many recipes.
  • New crafting resources, somber souls and cupcakes, are now in game.

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