Dodgy Edition

  • Added dodge to the Knight (Gunslinger's coming soon). Use the middle mouse button or shift to activate it!
  • All new players now start with a single zone Homeworld. Terraforming and Homeworld expansion is in progress and this is the first step.
  • New whisper color which is easier to read on dark backgrounds.
  • Worldmap: the mouse wheel now zooms the map in and out.
  • World map: Changed the render order of player icons, direction marker and text to improve visibility.
  • Item tooltips will now show the stars next to stats that have rolled particularly high for that item (the same ones that were previously only displayed in the chaos forge).
  • Fixed bug where projectiles and the mining laser didn't go through water.
  • Capped the quantity of a single item in personal chests and the community chest to 9999.
  • All recipes are now faster to craft.
  • Significantly increased drop rate for recipes.
  • All recipes which are not yet learned can now be viewed in the crafting station.
  • Fixed devtool batch file. Thanks to Cretoriani for the assistance!
  • Increased the chance of party animals dropping infinium as opposed to eyes, tentacles, or pearls. Reduced the amount of infinium dropped from 30 to 25.
  • Reduced the number of eyes dropped from 10 to 8.
  • Party Animals will now always grant loot to the player that used them.
  • Party Animals now have unique sound effects.
  • Party Animals now have a projectile when thrown.
  • Face of Flow should now autoloot when you destroy it.
  • Fall damage now resets when jumping midair.
  • The store will now ask for confirmation before making purchases.
  • Fix for recipes which caused client crashes and many other small recipe bugs.
  • New items from ZENdog, Avambo, Dirtch, Caspersaur, chancyjohnson, NoQu4rt3r, Hyperverse, Impious, Bernkastel, MrUntitled, Axrul, NorTroll, robbie1049, Nashings, Bex, Paluche, Carlolz, carcipechi, Exciel, SirDeccy, RayWolf, Miquail, Folly, Dyzfunctional, Cretoriani and Tribe have been added to the game!

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