More Uber, Such Dodge Edition

  • Uber-4 and Uber-5 Adventure Portals are now craftable at the Silver Hearthcaster.
  • The Gunslinger can now dodge!
  • Some of the new UI is in. It's going to be weird and mismatched for a bit while we implement all of it.
  • Uber portals have had their crafting costs updated.
  • Added invincibility to start of dodge and increased the energy cost from 20 to 25.
  • Player items that grant stats will now be updated to the correct stat ranges on login, this mostly impacts old items that have never been forged.
  • Promo items now get stats and can be forged.
  • Added new metaforge command to preview deco pieces: /decopreview [blueprint]
  • Head/hair previews should now update correctly!
  • Fix bug where Gunslinger shots didn't destroy grass.
  • Reduced enemy movement speed while attacking.
  • Made some improvements to make adventure worlds more adventurous - there are now more world quests, more enemies, and enemies now aggro at a distance of 11 up from 10.
  • Novice adventure worlds no longer have dungeons.
  • Significantly reduced time to level for the first 5 levels.
  • Reduced crafting cost for the silver hearthcaster and second adventure portal.
  • The water block should be available from the metaforge again.
  • Reduced server and client lag.
  • About a million bookshelves have been removed from the Bone Fortress dungeon. Performance should be a lot better now.
  • Loading large pieces in the metaforge should now be faster.

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