Cretoriani's Frigid Halls Edition

  • The Cretoriani's new Frigid Halls dungeon can now be found in Tundra zones!
  • The Aligning Astrolabe, an item which lets you set the spawn location in your Homeworld, can now be crafted at the Worldspring.
  • You can now craft the Sea of Regret Terraformer at the Worldspring.
  • Fixed bug where cave mushroom would stop animating.
  • Fix for the peaceful plains terraforming item not working.
  • Fixed bug where quest target NPCs would sometimes regain health after being attacked.
  • Kill quest targets now have more health and do less damage.
  • Added /granted which shows what users have permissions in a world.
  • Fix for crafted eggs causing client crashes.
  • Your homeworld should always appear in the "your worlds" section, if it's featured, it will also appear in the featured list.
  • 10 faves are now required to appear as a featured Homeworld.
  • Track is now available in the metaforge. Use /wadd placeable/mechanical/track.
  • /randomhead has been removed in anticipation of non-random heads, your look will temporarily be the default look.