Barbershop and Lair Polish Edition

  • The Barbershop now has a slightly higher view and hides your face and hat slot equipment.
  • The Barbershop now features buttons to rotate your character so you can check out your new look.
  • The Barbershop now has a button to randomize your appearance.
  • Lairs are now in ice zones.
  • Crypt lairs have become more streamlined.
  • Lair quests now fill an extra 20% of the star bar and grant 25% more experience.
  • The camera has been improved to be less janky in close spaces.
  • Improved enemy flocking.
  • Fixing a bug where pressing 'O' didn't show the friends list in-world.
  • Fixed a bug where you could see messages from ignored players.
  • Added spin to projectiles.
  • When you get equipment loot, weapons are now drop 50% of the time down from 60%.
  • Fixed bug where loot didn't spin or have VFX.
  • Ultimate class abilities now unlock at level 5 instead of level 6.
  • Adventure worlds before Uber now only drop one rarity of equipment, based on the portal type.
  • Uber 4 equipment now drops at exalted level 4 instead of 3. Uber 5 equipment now drops at exalted level 7 instead of 4.
  • The player is now invincible for a short period of time after taking damage.
  • Improve NPC projectile throwing smartness.
  • Tooltips for adventure worlds now tell you what levels you should be to go there.
  • The assault quest totem has received visual polish.

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