Summer Pin Edition
Arriving on 6/2/15!


  • Summer pinatas are now in the store! They have new styles, mounts, and craftable decorations.
    * Chaos chest has been randomized! Contains the preview for the Fae Boughskimmer plus Bloodseeker Wings and the Draconic Galleon, as well as Cotton Candy!
    * You can now purchase a 10-pack of Pearls of Wisdom, for the cost of a mere 9 Pearls! 


  • Level 1 characters now start with 150 health and 25 health regen.
    * Spikes now actually do damage over time, instead of in a big burst.


  • The Adventurer's Bento Box has been retired. The Neon Dragon Kami Box Adventure Box is now live!
    * Adventure Boxes now give flux and glim only at common and at more randomized rates.
    * Higher rank Uber difficulties now have notably larger drop chances for high rarity equipment.
    * Uber 1 now drops higher rarity equipment slightly less often.


  • Does having to find components in your inventory and chests when you forge make you sad? Do you wish it worked just like crafting? Us too! We've drafted a legion of Ladybugs of Light to search all of your chests and your inventory to find ingredients for forging, and magically bring them to the forge! 


  • Store-bought mounts and goods should now trigger a confirmation prompt if you try to drop them in the world.
    * Fae now have creature voices. 
    * Made stat ordering consistent between forge UI and tooltips.
    * Fixed a bug where players would sometimes hover in empty space for a few seconds after the loading screen had dropped.
    * Fixed a bug causing rare pets to not deconstruct into Glim.


  • Shadow level 3 and 4 rings now deconstruct into more resources.
    * Shadow level 3 equipment deconstructs for less at high star values.
    * Shadow level 1 and 4 equipment now deconstruct for more across the board.
    * Relic rarity equipment now deconstruct for slightly more.

ADVENTURING * The Adventurer's Bento Box has been retired. The Neon Dragon Kami Box Adventure Box is now live!

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