Fae and Folly Dungeon Edition

  • The Fae Trickster is now available in the store!
  • The Fae Wilds zones now show up in adventures!
  • Two new dunegons from Folly are now in-game!
  • The character sheet now shows the abilities of your active class.
  • You can now trade mounts purchased in the store and buy additional mounts. This will only work for mounts purchased after this patch.
  • The adventure tower in the hub now has a forge and deconstructor.
  • Added Infinium Crafting Bench - this is crafted at the Formicite Crafting Bench and can craft all Crafting Bench recipes.
  • Moved recipes around on the crafting benches and made a few small adjustments to cost.
  • Significantly reduced the cost of the Homeworld Portal.
  • Journeyman adventures are now known as Adept.
  • Fixed the bone fortress sometimes not generating.
  • There is a new quick menu available in the upper-left corner of the screen reachable by pressing X.
  • Fixed bug where block loot would sometimes not get auto-looted.
  • Glass is now a little harder to destroy.
  • Pink glass now drops as a recipe.
  • You no longer regenerate health when on fire.
  • Fixed a bug where mesh-particles would crash some Intel graphics cards.
  • Biomes now have appropriately colored stone underground.
  • There is now an Uncanny Valley terraformer.
  • /screenshot, /large_screenshot, and /timelapse now save their results in a screenshots subfolder.

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